Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter... My Pics!

So I finally got around to dealing with my own pictures from Easter this year... Here are the best of the best (or at the very least, my favorites) from mine :oD Enjoy!

Ilyana and Dada get some quality time together...

Cey-cey and the Ills play with the camera!

Owen and Mitch, playing Wii!! I love the faces... lol

Kisses for Daddy

Whoa! These floors are slippery...

Know how much I love you???

Sniffly girl and Mumma

This one was kind of blurry, but Owen's face made it for me. Classic!

Garret and Ilyana, checking out the food!

Mom and Davey-doodles!

Illy unsuccessfully tries to wiggle-worm her way from Cey-cey to the ground.

Snuggle bunnies.

Ilyana plays with the chick. I would normally crop out the background, but I liked that Mom is back there, taking a pic too :o)

Sunny sun sun! Finally!!
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