Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things You Love... Part 1?

Illy bear-

I don't know if you've noticed a trend, looking back at these photos from whatever age you are now (at least I hope you're doing that... that was the whole purpose of this blog :D). There is one item that can be found in many, many photos of you... And many days on your body, as well. Can you guess from the picture below?

It's your rainbow necklace. The very first thing that you EVER picked out on your own, unprompted by either your Dad or I. Your very first fashion choice, the very first thing you felt a NEED to own.

You and I were shopping in Wal-Mart one day, walking through the toddler section to check if there were any clothes on super-clearance, when you looked up at me with this sweet little smile and pointed to the rack with all the hair thingamabobbers, gloves, hats, and other random accessories on it and said "Mama, I want THAT."

So I stopped, because we weren't even looking at that rack. It must have just caught your eye. I thought about it, and you had been very well-behaved that day, so I figured I would get you what you wanted. I picked up a headband and said "Oh, you mean this?"

"No, Mama. THAT." *points at the rack again*

I picked up a package of elastics: "This, you mean?"

"NO, Mama. THAT." *points*

I picked up a cute little baseball cap: "This?"

"NO, Momma. I want THAT." *points*

Finally, I came to the rainbow-colored necklace and bracelet set- "This?"

*Big grin cracks across your face* "Yeah. That." And you took it from me, immediately started playing with it, and remained content the rest of the way through the store.

Ever since that day, you've loved your necklace. It's your big statement. You wear it with anything- which is perfectly fine with me, since being multi-colored, it always matches :) You usually don't wear the bracelet- opting instead to let your Dora doll wear it as HER necklace.

When we got home the other day, you walked in the door and the first thing you said was "It's so nice to see you, necklace!" since you had forgotten it at home that morning. Now THAT's love. :D And (aside from your Mommy and Daddy- and of course, the rest of our awesome family), it's one of the first things you've developed an attachment to.

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