Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2-Thirteen of our Fave Shows

Thirteen of our Favorite Shows...

1. Jack's Big Music Show
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Reno 911!
4. Family Guy/ American Dad
5. Bones
6. Weeds
7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
8. Backyardigans
9. Dexter
10. NCIS
11. Criminal Minds
12. America's Next Top Model
13. Dirty Sexy Money

Betcha can't guess which of us three likes which shows?? hehe.

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Song for a Fifth Child- Poem

I saw this poem on someone else's blog and I really loved it. It's so true, so fitting... Where does the time go? Why do they have to grow so fast? As Will said to me recently, "Now I know why some people want to keep having babies- the time flies by so fast!"

Song for a Fifth Child

by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

Mother, oh Mother, come shake out your cloth,
empty the dustpan, poison the moth,

hang out the washing and butter the bread,
sew on a button and make up a bed.

Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
She's up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

Oh, I've grown shiftless as Little Boy Blue (lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).
Dishes are waiting and bills are past due (pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo).
The shopping's not done and there's nothing for stew
and out in the yard there's a hullabaloo,
but I'm playing Kanga and this is my Roo.
Look! Aren't her eyes the most wonderful hue?

The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,

for children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs.
Dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

Silly Slacker Girl...

Soo... I apologize for not having updated in a while, things have been crazy and frankly I decided that not many people view my blog anyway, so it's been on the back burner. Now, though, there have been some new developments in our lives which I thought I'd share, because we're really excited that life --finally-- seems to be heading in the right direction for us. On that note, here's what's new:

(1) Dada found a job! He starts this coming Monday, the 30th and will be the new shipping manager at a small printing company in the next town over. I'm so proud, and also happy for him that he has found a job that has room for growth and will take advantage of all his computer skills. No more busting butt laboring, being on top of roofs and ladders or breathing in yucky chemicals that make him feel gross. On top of that, my boss said I can rearrange my schedule so that the two of us can carpool (we work about 5 miles from each other) which will save on gas (how important is that right now?!?!) and also make my morning drive more interesting.

(2) Due to #1, Bendy will be starting daycare on Monday also! We have found an awesome, reliable, and affordable woman to watch her-recommended by my boss, which cuts down a lot on our worry as parents. We went and met Carol, the new sitter, last week- she's an older woman who was an elementary teacher for a long time, but has been doing daycare for about the past twenty years. I really think Illy will love it there, even though I'm sure she'll miss being home with her Dada... There are about six kids, and one of them is a two year old girl, so she'll have at least one little friend that is around her age. Now we just have to worry about all starting to get up early enough to get us to our destinations on time! :)

(3) Will and I had our eight year anniversary! Didn't do anything special, because we're broke and it's not really a significant year... but it still blows my mind. We have been together for exactly 1/3 of my lifetime now. Craziness!

(4) Ilyana has learned the rhythms to all of her favorite songs and started to sing along with them... Most times, she doesn't get the words, just sings out the rhythm with a "da" sound, but the other day, we overheard her sing "Backyaaaarrrrddddigans". lol.

(5) She now says "ouch", "uh-oh", and "whoa" all the time. They're her new favorite phrases. That's okay with me... I'd rather "Whoa!" than "No!" :P

(6) She PEED ON THE POTTY! TWO TIMES!!! And totally unprovoked- on her own! I wasn't home, but I hear it was rather amazing. I was told she went over to her potty and sat on it with her diaper on and started bouncing, so Dada asked her "Do you need to go pee on the potty?" And he took her diaper off and she sat right down and peed! Then she did it again a few minutes later. She hasn't since then, but we're not pushing it- she's so young to be doing it now, we're just psyched it has already happened once! WOOO Bendy! You go girl :) Prior to this, she was just using her potty as a place to store her extra animal crackers. So she's definitely making progress... lol. The pic below wasn't from the day she peed on the potty, it was just one of the times she was hanging out sitting on her potty, drinking juice... You know, like all of us do.

I think that sums it up, although later I'll probably be hitting myself saying "Why didn't you think of that?!?" That's the nature of my scatter-brain. C'est la vie. Have a happy Thursday and a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays #1- Crazy Hair Chronicles

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