Monday, May 19, 2008

Ilyana Turns One!

Little Ilyana got to enjoy her very first birthday party on May 10, 2008. We partied on down Hawaiian-style, with all the luau fixins' we could find! We had leis and party favors for the kids, plenty of coconut and pineapple-flavored food, luau music and crazy decorations to deck the house with! We had so much fun , though it was a little crazy and chaotic with everyone running around in our apartment. Even the birthday girl herself seemed a little overwhelmed. We had thirteen guests over not including ourselves, so it was definitely a full house! Here are some pictures taken by my mom that day- I was busy opening presents, serving food and visiting, so I really didn't take many. Hopefully I'll be collecting more photos from the family, and there will be more to come!

Thanks to all from the Bend for coming up to enjoy the day and for all of your wonderful gifts- we really appreciate them! Now she can move into summer showing off her stylish young diva-self in all her fashionable new clothes, and has plenty of new toys to enjoy as well. We hope everyone had fun, and we'll see you all soon!

Saying hello to the Cey-cey! Happy Luau Ceyc!

I am a pretzel eater.

Learning to trust Uncle Mitchie- finally sitting happily on his lap!

The Dizzle checking out the buffet table.

Mommy helps bendy with her presents

Pretty new dolly!

Pep gets a little snugglin' in.

Tootin' around backwards on her new car from Grammy and Pep!

Birthday girl and crazy Dada.

Four generations of the Brulotte family. Why didn't I get their dark skin?

Somebody loves cake!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1! What Have I Learned Lately??

Thirteen Things ILYANA Has Learned In The Past Month!

1) How to say "map" and "backpack"~ Thanks to Dora and Diego!!

2) How to kick a ball

3) Recognition of songs- i.e., she said a word in the song just by hearing the intro music :oD

4) What cream puffs taste like (Yum, yum! spoiled little munchkin...)

5) How to brush her teeth... well, how to chew on a toothbrush, at least!

6) What milk tastes like (we made the switch~ woo!)

7) What grass and dirt feel like on her little hands

8) How to ride in the baby swing all by herself

9) How fun the slide can be!

10) The best hangout to find other little friends (can you guess where it is? check out all the hints, *lol*)

11) What happens when you take a nosedive into the tubbie bubble water

12) What it feels like to wear hard-soled shoes... although they don't fit quite right, so she won't really be *wearing* them until the end of the month or so

13) Why a crazy Mumma would make you wear a scratchy hat-- for FIRST BIRTHDAY invitations, of course!! (PS: The picture below isn't the one we used for invitations... but it shows how happy she was about wearing the hat!)

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