Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What She Says... About TV & More

Pictures of Illy playing in Cey-Cey's garden, 9/12/09

* * * * *

One day after work last week, I was doing the dishes and Will was doing some work on his computer, so Ilyana was playing in the living room with some kind of a cartoon on the TV in there...

She called out to Will and said: "Dada, can you turn on the news?"

He kind of looked at her baffled, and then said, "Okay, honey, bring me the remote and I'll turn the news on."

She carried in the remote to him, he changed it while she watched, and once the "news" (it was Daily Show, so not *news* news, but still...) came on, she said: "Okay, I'm just gonna go watch the news now."

And she did.

My girl is such a character. Although I am glad she's showing some interest in current events. Ha!

* * * * *

A couple nights later, we were all eating dinner in the living room with the TV on... **As an aside: Yes, I know we should really try to eat at the kitchen table (and without the TV) more, but when your kitchen table is small and doubles as a mail station/ computer desk, it makes it hard. I am just happy we manage to all eat together every night.**

Ilyana had been watching her show while I was getting our plates ready, but when we came out to eat, Will grabbed the remote and started looking for something we might all enjoy. Well, Illy wasn't having that. As he flicked through the channels, she goes:

"Dada, I want to watch my show."

"Dada, I want my show on...."


He finally picked something, and as soon as he clicked "enter" to go to that channel, she shouts:

"DADA! That's not VERY NICE!!"

* * * * *

Last night, she was drying off with her towel after a shower, and I told her to come in her room to get in her diaper and pjs... She did, and after that was done, she looked at me, looked at her towel and said, "Let's have a picnic!"

She proceeded to lay the towel out flat on the ground and said "See, it's a picnic!" And then grabbed a bunch of her kitchen setting toys and had a mini-picnic with us right before bed... She made us some "SCUN" to eat (I have no idea what kind of food that's supposed to be, but I told her it was delicious!) and we had to pour the "tea" into our mouths because we couldn't locate any of her cups... And yet, it was still one of the best picnics I've ever been to :) She makes me smile every day... I love you Bendy Ruggle!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crabby Girl In a New Coat...

I bought Ilyana an awesome jacket for fall from Old Navy this past spring when all the winter stuff was on sale... Now I can't remember whether or not it was when they had their "additional 50% off all clearance" sale or not, but either way, the tag, when I took it off this morning, said $4.99. So I either paid $4.99 for this gem, OR a ridiculously amazing $2.50. I think it is SO cute! I want one for myself! It's fleece-ey feeling on the inside, super comfy, and perfect for this sweater weather we've been having! This morning, when Will saw her, he couldn't resist getting a few snapshots (ok, ok, I MIGHT have suggested that I could use a couple new pics for the blog, but still... he had already grabbed the camera). She was in a little bit of a crabby mood- you can see it in the pics, I'm sure. But here she is, this morning, all dressed to go to daycare in her brand-spankin'-new jacket!

He did manage to get one big smile and a "CHEEEEEESEEE!" out of her before we went outside...

But it was all downhill from there...

"Dada, I'm very cold." That's what she said here... Kind of made me feel bad... But, I mean... She was wearing a fleece jacket. It was almost 50 degrees outside. It's not like she was out in a blizzard in a bikini! Sheesh. If she's already cold, I guess I better bust out the mittens, cuz' it's only getting colder! lol. We live in New England, baby! Time to toughen up! ;)

And this one. I just love it. My handsome husband and beautiful daughter, looking sweet, with the fallen leaves from the tree in our front yard in the background.

*sigh* I love the fall. It's my favorite season.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Attempt At Fondant!

I know it's been a while. At least I feel like I'm not alone in this bloggy funk... As I've been surfing the blogosphere these past few months (yes, yes, I am still reading everyone! lol) I've noticed the theme of lost mojo kind of floating throughout posts, a strand tying many of us together this summer in our absence.

There was one day in particular that TWO of the people I regularly read- Issa and Mammatalk, if you wanted to know- both posted about this phenomenon. I feel semi-guilty for not posting as much as I had hoped... But then I start to think again on who this blog is really for, and I cut myself some slack. If it's been a slow two months, then it has... I'm not going to force my own hand at keeping our memories recorded. When something exciting happens, I know I'll get it in here :) In the meantime, I've decided that everyone's mojo must be off on a tropical vacation together... Speaking for myself, I know my mojo is probably in Hawaii, a place I've always wanted to go, sipping Pina Coladas and getting the tan I can never achieve on a much more gorgeous beach than we have here in New England. I've come to terms with that... I'm just hoping it's considerate enough to bring me back some kind of a tchochke or at the very least "My mojo went to Hawaii and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"...

Now then. Onwards with today's post, I suppose!

Yesterday I was watching Cake Boss- which I actually don't like as much as Ace of Cakes, but you know, that's what was on- and I decided to FINALLY try and make some fondant. I've been wanting to for a while- I love watching these types of shows and have always been amazed at how beautiful the cakes come out- but I've been a little intimidated. It just looks daunting. Rolling it out big enough? Not ripping? Getting the color right? Eeeeeek!

Last night, though, I decided to go for it! I made marshmallow fondant- for two reasons... (1) I had heard it was easier to make, and I had the ingredients on hand; and (2) I have also heard that regular fondant tastes like CRAP. This fondant tastes SUPER sweet, but at least it tastes ok.

We decided on making a strawberry shaped cake (hubby helped me with this! I can't take ALL the credit) since the cake mix I had was strawberry flavored. Yes, I used mix... I wanted to focus my energy on dealing with the fondant, not making cake from scratch. Next time perhaps :)

Here's how it ended up:

Pretty cute for a first try, I think! Will had the great idea of using the mini chocolate chips for the "seeds" on the strawberry. I learned quite a bit from this one time, and I think maybe for Illy's next birthday I'll try something with fondant now that I have attempted it once... I won't be as scared of it as I was anymore!

So, what did I learn, you ask?

(1) Fondant kneading is a WORKOUT. Eep, it took forever to mix those colors in! I think next time instead of mixing the color into the fondant after making the batch, I'll make smaller batches and drop the food coloring in while I'm mixing the batch originally. That way I don't have to mix twice... Although I'm sure it's good for your biceps, if that's what you're going for!

(2) Fondant does NOT like to be red. This color? On my strawberry? Yeah. That was about 3 different doses of the "Super Red" color, which I assume is supposed to look like a firetruck. At least, that's what it looks like on the cap. And then some brown, too, to see if that would darken the color. It didn't. I finally gave up adding color and decided I'd have a pink strawberry and live with it. In the future... Avoid reds. lol!

(3) Don't use frosting as your glue to hold things together. Or, if you do... Use very small brushes, and very small amounts. I ended up with white frosting "glue" coming out at my seams and on the top of the cake, which totally stunk! Grrr...

(4) I also had some issues with ripping- so next time, I'll keep the rolling surface very well powdered (with powdered sugar)... and also cut the fondant bigger than I need it to be. I had a couple areas that didn't look so neat on the edges because the fondant wasn't big enough to "wrap" around the bottom of the cake.

That's all. I have to say, I am proud of myself! It's not perfect, but for a first try... At least it's recognizable as a strawberry! :D
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