Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tail End of Bloggy Giveaway Week!!

Sooo, I just found out it's bloggy giveaway week! I'm so excited to be entering a few of these... I would have done a giveaway myself had I know about it sooner! I guess next quarter I'll just have to pay more attention :P Since I didn't catch this early enough to host a giveaway, I'm trying not to be selfish and enter too many, but it's hard not to be greedy with so many GREAT offers!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite giveaways so far- mind you, I'll be editing this as I go because there are TONS of giveaways this time (I mean, like over 900 so far) so I'm still working my way down the list as much as I can before the giveaways end!

(1) $50 Target Giveaway From Unexpected Bliss

(2) Land's End Backpack From Musings of a Housewife

(3) $20 Target gift card (the Tar-jay cards seem to be a theme... :D) at Adventures In Babywearing

(4) $50 gift card OF YOUR CHOICE!!! (How awesome is that?!?!) at Mommy of Three

(5) Kissable Lips lip balm and trial size body wash from Mambino Organics at Goodies For Mom (and baby too!)

(6) Mystery Grab Bag full of items at Monkey Giggles I loved this idea... it gives a little bit of intrigue to the whole thing!

(7) Beautiful Blue Topaz necklace at Life With Three

(8) iPod Shuffle and Target gift cards from Annie's Eyes

(9) $300 Gift Certificate to Amazon, $100 to Williams Sonoma, and $50 cash via paypal at My Wooden Spoon

(10) $100 Target gift card from Simply Amusing Blog

More to come, but I'm leaving work for the day! Enjoy these great giveaways!

Not a MeMe- Rather, A YouYou

I loved this idea, so had to steal it! I hope some people actually come and see it and comment, cuz it could be lots of fun!

Anyway, this is how it works:

Comment on this entry. Any comment will do. After you comment, I'll answer/guess/makeup the answers to these questions:

1. What I'd say to you if we were to hangout in real-life.

2. What television/movie character you are most like.

3. Your favorite way to eat potatoes.

4. What your favorite ride/activity/food is at the fair.

It doesn't matter if I know you, if you have never commented before this, nothing. If you do have a blog, make sure that I can find it so I can find out a little about you to make the answers more interesting. Sounds fun? Leave a comment!

Thursday Thirteen #3- Illy Speak

Thirteen Things Bendy Has Said (Not
Counting Mama and Dada!)

1. Surprise!
2. Woof! Woof!
3. I get you!
4. Hiiii! (Waving forward, at you)
5. Buh-bye! (Waving backwards at herself)
6. Boom, boom! (At the fireworks 4th of
July or pretty much any loud noise.)
7. I did it!
8. Bounce
9. Thank you! (As she hands YOU something.)
10. Do-do (That's Dora...)
11. No (This one is just starting, and I can
already tell it won't be fun!)
12. Ba-ball (I don't know where the extra
syllable came from)
13. Wow! I see! (Exclaiming at anything new,
i.e., on our walk the other day, at the sky, at
the flowers, at the rocks... heh)

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