Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1! What Have I Learned Lately??

Thirteen Things ILYANA Has Learned In The Past Month!

1) How to say "map" and "backpack"~ Thanks to Dora and Diego!!

2) How to kick a ball

3) Recognition of songs- i.e., she said a word in the song just by hearing the intro music :oD

4) What cream puffs taste like (Yum, yum! spoiled little munchkin...)

5) How to brush her teeth... well, how to chew on a toothbrush, at least!

6) What milk tastes like (we made the switch~ woo!)

7) What grass and dirt feel like on her little hands

8) How to ride in the baby swing all by herself

9) How fun the slide can be!

10) The best hangout to find other little friends (can you guess where it is? check out all the hints, *lol*)

11) What happens when you take a nosedive into the tubbie bubble water

12) What it feels like to wear hard-soled shoes... although they don't fit quite right, so she won't really be *wearing* them until the end of the month or so

13) Why a crazy Mumma would make you wear a scratchy hat-- for FIRST BIRTHDAY invitations, of course!! (PS: The picture below isn't the one we used for invitations... but it shows how happy she was about wearing the hat!)

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Karen said...

Aw, Bendy is adorable. It sounds like she is doing new things every day. The time flies until they are out on their own so enjoy her while you can.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, what a cutie! I remember that period, when EVERYTHING was new and exciting. It's exhausting but oh, so much fun!

Thanks for dropping by today! (oh, and a teetotaller is someone who doesn't drink alcohol.)

elexisb said...

Haha! You mean mama! Maybe your hubby should put a scratchy hat on you and make you pose for a pic to send out on an invitation to your next b-day party. hahaha!

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