Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Is Finally Here!

For some reason, this winter seemed to drag on, even though we didn't have that much horrible weather... I think maybe it had to do with the bad economy, it was just too much, too overwhelming to think about combined with the dreary, cold, gray weather. We're thanking our lucky stars the sun is BACK and enjoying it as much as we can right now! Here are some new photos from the end of winter/ early springtime~

March- Starting her own fashion trend?

All the COOL kids are doing it...

Well, I guess if it makes you happy! And yes, we went out in public like this. Don't judge ;)

I love this next set of pictures but I figure I should give credit where credit is due... I had no part in the taking of these adorable photos, it was one of those (blessed!) nights when hubby offers to cook the meat on the grill, saving me time and energy... So they were outside playing and grilling, and I was inside doing sides and washing dishes, but he stuck his head into the window and told me to hand him out the camera because she was having such a good time... All of these ones were taken on 5/4/10.

Peek a boo!

In deep concentration...

Those croc boots are her absolute favorite shoes lately. I know a lot of people aren't big fans of the Croc brand, but I love them because she can put them on herself, they are easy to clean, and they have all different styles now! It doesn't hurt that I always find super deals on them, either ;) I believe I paid $7.99 for those boots, with shipping? Pretty awesome. I just got her a pair of Croc maryjanes for the spring and summer- I figured her feet would get pretty sweaty running around in rainboots once it gets up into the 80's and 90's, but you have to admit, they look pretty adorable even with shorts :)

I do have a few more posts in mind that are coming up. And yes, I know I haven't been keeping to my 2-posts-a-week goal since I posted it... I also know excuses are just that and aren't worth anything, but I am working on it! Between planning her party, having her party, Mother's Day, visiting, and then me feeling like crap-ola these past two days (horrible cold!! ugh!) and barely being able to think straight, I haven't gotten to it. But I will! Easter pics and Ilyana's 3rd Birthday post coming up soon... <3 ~Mama Rugg


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