Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Procrastination 2.0

Lately, I have been soo busy with the routine. You know the one. Wake up, brush teeth/ hair, put in eyes, get dressed, make lunches, let doggie out, make smoothies, get girl dressed, let doggie in, put her in car, drive him to work, drive her to daycare, drive me to work, work, go home, make dinner, play with girl or give tubbie, put girl to bed, sit for five seconds, pop back up and start lunch prep for tomorrow... you get the point.

Not sure what exactly it is that is making me so tired- is it this never-ending cold? is it the change in weather/ light?-, or whether it is just an accumulation of things catching up with me, making me NOT want to do things after the little girl goes to sleep at night. I find I just want to veg out on the couch and BE for a while. But I keep forgetting to upload my pics from Thanksgiving and put together the great post I have in my brain, which is something I really want to do.

I read someone else today talking about how important it is we take care of ourselves before others, so that we can truly give them what they need... It's so true, but it's so hard to put into action in real life- when do I find a half hour for me when there is this *LIST* of things thatmustbedonequitesoon?


I'll figure it out. For now, please know, I'm still here, and I'm still reading everyone else. Now it's just on me to actually get my crap together and post those pics and make time for the things that I actually WANT to do, not just have to do...

Thanksgiving post to come. Sometime before next Thanksgiving, I promise!!


The Blonde Duck said...

Feel better soon!

Issas Crazy World said...

Wait before Christmas you mean?

Days seem shorter in the winter and there is some much work to be done for the holidays. I keep thinking an extra day in the week is in order, but a day for sleeping and watching TV and doing NOTHING.

Vixen said...

Ha, ha. Someone even further behind online than me? We must be soul sisters.

Take care of yourself first!

siteseer said...

Okay, I'm totally with you here. I am so busy living my life that I don't have time to blog. I am reading on occassion to catch up and occassionally posting, but beyond that I'm making a lot of Christmas presents and baking and decorating and I have a new baby arriving to my son and dil in March so there's a shower to plan for and and and.... you get the picture. Do you think it's just the time of year?

Aubrey said...

Hang in there. I think it's the weather, the holidays, just all around blahs going around. Things will look up soon!

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