Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Means...

Reflecting back and appreciating all of the incredible blessings we have. Being thankful for everything, big and small, that makes us smile, brightens our day, brings us joy, or helps us to understand our purpose in this wonderful world. Whether that be...

Good Food...

Table spread

Nana's famous tootke (spelling?)

My Dad whipping up some goodies!

And, of course... TURKEY! Look at that golden brown baby!

Time spent with the people we love...

Dad and Uncle Eddie spaghetti!

Grammy and Illy trading bites.

Mitch and Nana, chatting it up!

Uncle Ed spins Ilyana!

Dad muckling Droobie for not taking a pic with him!

Will and Illy share a snuggle in the big chair.

Father-son love shot. Awww!

The ladies exclaim! Wonder what worked them up? It couldn't have been the football...

Drouin looks for a shoulder (er, arm?) to lean on.

Ilyana plays with the old farmhouse with Uncles Dru and Jack.

Father daughter love :)

Pep and Illy. It's a bit washed out, but cute just the same :)

A bit better coloring, I think. And he said he *wasn't ready* to be a Peppie yet before she was born... As if!

Showered with smooches. This girl is so neglected, right?? lol!

I admit, I really just stuck this one in because I want everyone to see her adorable jacket in full view! lol... Nobody is looking in this pic, so other than her outfit, it's not that great. But hot damn, that outfit is cute! ;)

As I said, showered with smooches! She's so used to people kissing her all the time. What a sad life... ;)

Ilyana explains her life to Uncle Mitchie and Pep.

An impromptu fort...

Remember when under the Thanksgiving table was the place to be?

Ilyana has inherited this time-honored tradition of under-the-table-chillin...

Jack is psyched to have been the one to show her!

A quick rest...

Mitch catches some zzz's. Yes, he fell asleep. On the couch. With a house full of people. Don't ask me how!

Dru takes the cue.

Or an AWESOME new camera which helps you capture the many photo opps you are presented with! :D

The first picture of Connor I captured that day! That boy is stubborn, and he did NOT want his picture taken. However, after I caught this one, he let me take a few others. Said he figured if I was gonna have him on camera, I might as well get a good one... Like this:

Connor looking studious, crocheting a kick-ass hat for Uncle Ed! Yes, I am jealous of his skills :)

My little Deucie dingle, looking dapper!

I can climb up in this chair. All. By. Myself!

Oh, yeah, and this one, too!

Did I forget to mention this chair, Momma? I can climb in this one too!

My Nana in her tres chic jacket, chatting! She's the best :)

Little Mrs. Pensive Pout

This one is one of my favorites. I can't believe how much my girl is growing!

My stupendous stepmom!

Silly sweet Jack

Serious Jack

Silly Dru! (I love this pic too!)

Serious Dru

So that was my Thanksgiving in a nutshell... I'm only a week and a half late on posting it! It was fantastic, fun, relaxing, yummy and visit-licious (hey it can be a word if I want it to!). If you're thinking to yourself- *Oh my god, that was in a nutshell!?! How could this be? There were so many pics!* trust me, I know. I took about 175 of them, but I had to weed them down. And then weed them down again. And then pick my favorites from those. So yes, this was the abridged version. :P


Elizabeth Bonds said...

Great post. These family photos are amazing. On the photo with the caption, "The ladies exclaim! Wonder what worked them up? It couldn't have been the football...," the ladies look so much alike. Their profiles are almost identicle.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great Thanksgiving photos!! And thanks so much for visiting my blog is so nice to "meet" you!

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Wow! You had a great Thanksgiving! I think we took 3 pictures (lame) but there were only 3 of us plus the dog. Can't wait to see how you celebrate Christmas!

Devin said...

Hey J!
Yes, that's my stunning good looks up there lol. I know I don't make enough appearances on my blog! I am always behind the camera...
P.S. I still don't know who BENDY RUGGLES IS!?

Tabitha Blue said...

Sounds like a perfect visit-licious day!!!!!! I think the layed back with family day is the best way to spend a holiday!!!! BEAUTIFUL baby girl and great photos as well. And that is one golden turkey.... yum!!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling a bit now.


Vixen said...

Fantastic photos. And seriously, that coat is TO DIE FOR!

But now I have an overwhelming urge for Thanksgiving dinner again and no sad.

Aubrey said...

Wow! What great Thanksgiving pictures!
I LOVE her coat. OMGosh. She is just too adorable!
I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

siteseer said...

Love the family photos. I also love the ones where no one is aware - they turn out the best.

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