Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take 5 Tuesday!

This is the first time I am ever participating in Take 5 Tuesday. The basic idea is that every Tuesday, that site gives you 5 topics. You are supposed to write 5 things on each one, or if you don't want to do them all, pick a few and write 5 on those. So here goes!

Happy New Year!

Today’s topics:

5 things you did for new years.
1- Played Wii- Super Mario Galaxy, to be exact
2- Took pics of the Bendy
3- Vegged out
4- Missed the ball drop (again)... but at least we made it to midnight this year!
5- Ate food. Nom nom nom...

5 goals you completed last year.
1- Found a place and moved to be closer to my work.
2- Started a savings account and started putting money into it!
3- Finished paying off some old debts, started working towards paying off others...
4- Threw my girl her first birthday party!
5- Started my blog. I guess it wasn't a total goal before last year, but once I figured the whole thing out, it was a goal of mine to find my niche, find other blogs I liked to read, and make some cyber friends. Cuz I don't have many in real life. Sad, but true. Hey, that sort of makes me sound like a loser, so let me clarify. I don't have friends cuz I can never find the time to hang out, not cuz I suck. Just so ya know. lol.

5 goals you want to complete this year.
1- Pay off more debts!
2- Hopefully move up in my career and get that job I applied for... *fingers crossed*
3- Learn more about photography and manual settings. Practice, practice, practice and get better at this new hobby!
4- Learn more about making jewelry. Maybe create an etsy shop?
5- Teach Ilyana something new, and take her camping!

5 lessons you learned last year.
1- Keep believing.
2- Make the choice that feels right.
3- Love like it's your last chance.
4- Enjoy every moment.
5- Take too many pictures. You're sure to get your money shot this way! :)

5 things you didn’t do last year, that you want to do this year.
1- Camp! I already put this, but it counts again, right?
2- Go on a vacation somewhere...
3- Force myself to write more often. Get going on that poetry blog I started a looonnnggg time ago and never write in.
4- Finish reading the Twilight series!
5- Make more time for my friends :)


Sheila @ Dr said...

I'd visit the poetry blog - let me know when it comes up!

Aubrey said...

Those are all great lists of 5! You cracked me up with your"Hey, that sort of makes me sound like a loser, so let me clarify. I don't have friends cuz I can never find the time to hang out, not cuz I suck" comment. LOL
I KNOW you do not suck! And we would SO be friends if we lived in the same town! I just know it!

Issas Crazy World said...

There is no such thing as too many pictures. :) Although my Mac Book my disagree with me.

siteseer said...

Love your lists. I'm so scattered these days that I can't even think straight. And time is what is holding us all back.

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