Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #7- About This Month

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Thirteen things I want to remember about the first month in 2009 when I look back someday...

(1) Ilyana had conjunctivitis and an ear infection... and she kept trying to attack us with her *ah-fly tisses* (butterfly kisses) when she had it! It's very hard to turn down that sweet little voice saying- "Mama, ah-fly, ah-fly tiss!" Usually I love her ah-fly tisses, but I wasn't needing to get the pinkeye myself :P

(2) She learned how to say thank you. God, it melts my heart when I hand her a sippy and she cracks a big grin and says "Tank you, Mama, tank you."

(3) I applied for a job as a writer/ assistant editor in the Periodicals department at my work. Trying to move on up in my career! I don't want to be an admin forever, after all...

(4) Bendy is still not a big fan of the snow. She doesn't like stepping on or in it at all. In fact, she makes us carry her to the car every day because she doesn't want to walk on it. And whenever it's snowy or she gets snow on herself, she says it's snowing.

(5) The way she looks in her new outdoor gear. I mean, not that I'm biased or anything *ahem* but she totally belongs in a magazine:

(6) Hasn't happened yet (Dada! haha ;P), but... it is the month of Barack Obama's inauguration. I have high hopes of what his term will bring our country. I just know this economic crisis will turn around and we will once again all be proud to be Americans.

(7) Illy got a new Dora tent house for Christmas that she loves and she always wants me to "Shake house!" The other night we went into her room and I went to pick the house up and realized she had put all her stuffies in there. Apparently they had been cast out from the bed.

(8) After Christmas was over (ok, I guess this isn't really this month, but the very end of last...) she thought travelling around to everyone's house visiting and getting presents was just her new life, not a special occasion. She woke up a couple days after Christmas and looked at me and said- "Momma, I want Cey-cey, I want Gump, I want Pep, I want Gammy, I want Nana, I want pess-ents."

(9) This is the month she decided she doesn't like regular milk anymore. She is constantly asking for *Choc-it milk* instead. I try to pull the wool over her eyes and pretend I put some syrup in, but that girl is too smart. She'll hand it back and say, "No choc-it. I want choc-it." Of course, her Dada doesn't help much with this one. I keep telling him we have to give her regular milk and not give in so she doesn't think she's the boss, but the minute I turn around, here she comes running and tells on him- "Dada choc-it." And then I look, and lo and behold- her sippy has chocolate milk in it. Hmm... wonder how that happened?

(10) Her and Deuce dingle are playing together more and more. She likes to chase him around with something- whether it be her shopping cart, her car, or another push toy object, she just can't get enough. And he loves it! He chases her around and butts her with his nose, and chases the balls she throws for him. They are buddies. He even sleeps next to her bed some nights.

(11) She is getting so crafty and smart!! The other day, she figured out that if she holds her hula hoop around her body, she has enough control of it to hold it above her head and switch the light on and off. She drove Dada Ruggle batty when he was trying to take a nap! She has also taken to saying "ouch, ow, ow, ouch!" at night when it's time for bed and she doesn't want to sleep, because she knows that we always come running when she says ouch. Last night she was saying it and I went in there and guess what was wrong?? The RUG was crooked. Ouch, indeed. :P

(12) She's getting pickier about food. It seems all she ever wants is chicken nuggets and french fries. At least, when I ask her, that's all she ever says she wants. Do all kids go through this phase, or is she really just way too familiar with those golden arches? While travelling for the holidays, I think I might have caved on the nuggets one too many times. :P

(13) I ran out of paid time off this month, and our fiscal year goes till July! ACK! Hope nobody else gets sick for the next six months... *sigh*


Mary said...

She's very cute! If where you live is as snowy as it is here, You're going to be carrying her to the car for quite a while!

Issas Crazy World said...

I am so with her on the snow. Man if I could just find someone to carry me over it. ;)

On the milk, we got into this too. I figure, as long as they'll still drink milk, I'll put some syrup in it. Because if not, both of them refused it completely by two years old. Now I have a hard time getting them to do even that. Our new thing is hot chocolate in the morning from Starbucks. I have created monsters.

Reiza said...

Oh, I love the out-door gear. We went nuts looking for coats for the big kids and your daughter's coat is ADORABLE. You're right, she does look like she belongs in a magazine.

I'm eagerly awaiting #6 too.

Alice Audrey said...

The hat is adorable on her. She is such a sweety with her butterfly kisses, even if a bit germy.

Betty said... precious! Enjoy all these moments! They grow up so fast!

Adelle said...

Awww! I just love kids at this age. They're like little sponges LOL Enjoy! They grow up sooooo fast! Thanks for stopping by.

Aubrey said...

Her little face looks so adorable in that hat. Her cheeks look so squishy! LOL

Ah yes, my toddler went/is going through a lot of those. Chocolate milk especially. And the golden arches. Every time we pass by he says "mmmmm! papas!"

junebug said...

Good luck with the job!

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