Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What She Says... About TV & More

Pictures of Illy playing in Cey-Cey's garden, 9/12/09

* * * * *

One day after work last week, I was doing the dishes and Will was doing some work on his computer, so Ilyana was playing in the living room with some kind of a cartoon on the TV in there...

She called out to Will and said: "Dada, can you turn on the news?"

He kind of looked at her baffled, and then said, "Okay, honey, bring me the remote and I'll turn the news on."

She carried in the remote to him, he changed it while she watched, and once the "news" (it was Daily Show, so not *news* news, but still...) came on, she said: "Okay, I'm just gonna go watch the news now."

And she did.

My girl is such a character. Although I am glad she's showing some interest in current events. Ha!

* * * * *

A couple nights later, we were all eating dinner in the living room with the TV on... **As an aside: Yes, I know we should really try to eat at the kitchen table (and without the TV) more, but when your kitchen table is small and doubles as a mail station/ computer desk, it makes it hard. I am just happy we manage to all eat together every night.**

Ilyana had been watching her show while I was getting our plates ready, but when we came out to eat, Will grabbed the remote and started looking for something we might all enjoy. Well, Illy wasn't having that. As he flicked through the channels, she goes:

"Dada, I want to watch my show."

"Dada, I want my show on...."


He finally picked something, and as soon as he clicked "enter" to go to that channel, she shouts:

"DADA! That's not VERY NICE!!"

* * * * *

Last night, she was drying off with her towel after a shower, and I told her to come in her room to get in her diaper and pjs... She did, and after that was done, she looked at me, looked at her towel and said, "Let's have a picnic!"

She proceeded to lay the towel out flat on the ground and said "See, it's a picnic!" And then grabbed a bunch of her kitchen setting toys and had a mini-picnic with us right before bed... She made us some "SCUN" to eat (I have no idea what kind of food that's supposed to be, but I told her it was delicious!) and we had to pour the "tea" into our mouths because we couldn't locate any of her cups... And yet, it was still one of the best picnics I've ever been to :) She makes me smile every day... I love you Bendy Ruggle!


Woman in a Window said...

The picnic reminds me of when me children were just a bit younger and I'd take out a table cloth. Boy oh boy, if I got outta table cloth you had to know it was a party. The full extent of our parties were the table cloths but you'd never know it. The kids would go wild. easily satisfied.
(Hope you didn't burn your mouth on that straight pour of tea.)

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