Friday, September 19, 2008

Rewind to August- Mornings with the Bend!

Mornings with Bendy are never dull. I took some photos in August (the 27th for the brown outfit pictures, the 29th for the purple and white, in case you were wondering) that I forgot to post because they were on the wrong camera. Doh! Here they are now. Hope you like em! :)

Gimme the cam!

What, you don't trust me not to break it?!?!

Fine. I'll just go trot around in my fancy outfit. :P

I think I was explaining something to her, and Will snapped a few shots of us...

Can you tell I'm not awake? My eyes have this totally zoned look. lol.

Is it possible that you might know just how much I love you?

This is probably my favorite from that morning. Look at the innocence. The cute little hands. Sleepy seed eyes. I love it all <3

When all else fails... Just lay down and forget about it.


Issas Crazy World said...

She's beautiful.

Thanks for the sweet comment at my place today.

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