Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4- Great Things About Fall

(1) First would have to be the sights- the
leaves up here in New England are amazing!
That's why we get so many "leaf-peepers"...
as we call them.

(2) The smell... The air is so fresh and crisp,
it puts me in a fantastic mood and makes
me feel like I can accomplish anything!

(3) Going apple picking- especially this
year with the Bendy! We went last weekend,
I have a whole post about it coming up if I
could only remember to bring my cam to
upload pics one of these days!

(4) Camping for the last time (or the first, if
you haven't managed to get out there yet!)

(5) Weather that allows you to wear whatever
you feel like- shorts or pants, short or long
sleeves... You can even bust out those comfy
old sweaters!

(6) Comfort food! Time for chili, beef stew,
apple pie and crisp, and baking cookies :)

(7) Pumpkin carving/ painting/ decorating
in any way you please. Maybe I'm a kid
at heart, but I really do like it!

(8) Halloween! I love costumes (although I
pretty much never have any special plans for the
holiday, so I have no reason to wear them now
that I'm much too old for trick-or-treat) and
seeing the kids out in them. I love the
getting together of the community, and the
fake spookiness is always great too! I've always
been fascinated by such things as witches, ghosts,
and werewolves!

(9) Excuses to eat candy... duh!

(10) The first cozy fire in the house all year.
(At my mom's, in my case, since I don't have
a fireplace.)

(11) Thanksgiving is great too- you get to
see family and pig out on everyone's best
dishes all night! Plus you can have more
than one dessert... And then lay around
and let it turn to fat on you, blaming
it on the tryptophan. (Which, by the way,
I saw on mythbusters or something and
they proved does not make you feel
tired unless eaten by itself. So so much
for that one!)

(12) Starting Christmas shopping. I'll
take any excuse to shop! I don't love the
*spending money* part, but buying
people things is sooo much fun!

(13) It's not winter... yet!

Hrmm... I notice many of my 13 have to do with food. Am I a glutton, or is fall just a great time to eat?


Aubrey said...

Oh! I would love to see a NE autumn. I bet it's absolutely beautiful!! You will have to post some pictures.

Like you, I think autumn is all about food too! Who am I kidding? For me, it's all seasons. LOL

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