Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


...You know, because I'm not random enough as it is. Ha. Ha.

...oooh man, I crack myself up.

*Illy is going through a phase right now of discovering her emotions. She has been doing a lot of the fake whiny-whiny lately. The kind where she sits in the backseat (or next to you on the couch, or hanging off your leg) and goes "ehh.... weeeeehhhh.... meeeehhhhh...." until you look at her and ask, oh so nicely, "Honey, what's wrong?" And then she has nothing to say. Or tells you something like "The train stopped." ...Uh... Really? No way.

*She hit her elbow the other day and hurt it, so I called her over and said, "Come here and let Mommy kiss it and make it all better"... So she came over, I kissed it, we agreed it was all better... Then she ran over to her Dora trike and slammed her elbow down on it again. "Ouch Momma, ouch, make it better" and came back for more magic kisses... and again... and again.... and... yeah... you get the point.

...Not that I am complaining about any of this. It's pretty cute to see her figuring these things out. Although, the fake whiny whiny? I'm not a big fan.

*I am baffled at her verbal prowess. Yes, you read that right. She has prowess. Of the verbal sort. She blows my mind all the time, coming out with words I didn't even know she knew yet, making whole sentences. The other day she said to me in the morning as I was busily packing lunches- "What you doing, Momma? You makin' the foods this morning?" Did I mention she's not even 22 months old yet?!?! Is it too early to declare my child a genius?

She also came home from day care the other day singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, which we didn't teach her. Of course, she did learn "Boom, boom, aint it great to be- CRAZY!" From me. Cuz that's how I roll.

*I need new undies ass covers and bras tit slingers. Thanks for reminding me, Kia....

*We went to give our new landlord our deposit for the duplex. They are soo nice and they really like Illy. I have a really good feeling about this place... I hope for this to be the last time we move until we buy our own house :) That would be so nice. Moving ever year (or more) is really no fun. Seriously.

*Our new TV came. Boo-yah. And I actually don't feel guilty for treating ourselves to this right now, even though it's not the best time... Because we just spent thousands paying back debts we've owed for years to improve our credit scores. So I think we deserved it.

*My husband does feel guilty. They just laid off two more people at work. The same day our TV came. He said he felt like a shmuck, even though he knows he shouldn't, because it's not his fault... and we did need a new TV and deserve one. It's just hard to enjoy something special like that when (a) you're worried how much longer before it's your job being let go and (b) you know there are TONS of people out there right now just worried about making ends meet.

*I have a banana today, but I forgot my peanut butter. I don't think I'm going to eat it. Plain bananas are not nearly as exciting as PB ones.

*My little tweet-bird (yes, another nick name for her, I know) didn't want to let me go this morning. She was clinging to my legs and hugging me with all her might... she didn't even want to get down and play with her best friend or go to her Dada. It made my heart break into a bunch of little heart-shards. :(

That's all I got right now. If you liked this, or have some random thoughts of your own to share, visit The Un-Mom to grab the button and play along!


Keely said...

My son has the fake whine figured out, except he can't talk yet, so it's just the annoying part without the endearing part!

You totally deserve that tv. And you're stimulating the economy, remember.

Happy Tuesday!

Andrea said...

I hope the duplex works out for you. We move every year or so, and I hate it--hopefully we'll be in our current apartment for longer than that.

GreenJello said...

Well, buying the tv saved the job of a factory worker... saved the job of a salesman... saved the job of the store janitor, and the stocker, and the shipping company person....

GreenJello said...

By buying the tv, you just saved the job of the salesman, right? :)

Aubrey said...

I love the kisses make everything better phase! My toddler still does it!

Don't feel guilty about the TV! Sounds like you deserve it!

Tori said...


It is so good to hear from you. Your daughter sounds like a genius for her age! That is amazing what she is already saying... and the thing with her emotions. I am in a psychology class right now called Emotion, and it talks about how it takes to almost 3 years old to get to that point.. so thats interesting!

I hope everything else is good. My life has been a rollercoaster, and Adam and I have hit a very rough patch.. so we haven't made any more wedding plans yet. It's been an extremely hard time for me, and I am taking 18 hours this semester on top of that. I just hope he comes around... it's pretty much a bad case of cold feet. I guess that's what I will call it.

Take care, talk to you later!

Woman in a Window said...

Pretty sure that is genius. It keeps going too. My kids are seven and eight right now (birthday yesterday!) and they shock the shit outta me. Not always so cute anymore though, just kinda inappropriate. But funny!

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