Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ROCK That Runway, Ruggle!

Many of you don't know this, but my Mom works in media and as of late has been intensely involved in (and mostly in charge of) the development of a new upscale magazine out of North Andover, Massachusetts called- what else?- The Andovers. It's a great resource for people living in the area to get in the know on what's going on, who's hot (like in the Andover's hottest bachelor contest!), and even get fresh ideas for dinners, decor, and de-stressing. So guess how excited I was when she asked me if the Ruggle could pose for some pics in the magazine this coming spring??

That's right.

SuperexcitedyesofcourseshewouldlovetoandIwouldloveherto! heh.

You heard it here first. You are now watching the making of a mini-model.

So what else could she do but begin to practice? I mean, she changes her clothes all the time anyway... granted it's usually because she spilled some kind of something on herself, or she leaked splody poops on her pants... but still... still...

Okay, really, it's just another great big excuse to show off some new pics of the girl. Humor me please, and leave comments about how darned cute she is and how she will someday be famous and take care of her mummy who loved her and coddled her and made her head big and took way too many pics of her when she was young.

Note: These aren't the pics from the photo shoot for the mag. We haven't done that yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when we do.


The room is dark. Your chair is uncomfortable. You hear the crunching of secret chocolate wrappers stashed in purses, snuck into the no-food-ever venue by PMS'ing photogs and buyers for name brands. A strobe rises up and a hush falls over the crowd as the famous Bendy Ruggles is revealed in silhouette:

You never thought you would actually get to be thisclose to a real, live, up and coming model, now did you?
It's okay, feel free to gasp. Also, feel free to rearrange your buttcheeks on the seat if it's too hard. God knows Bendy loves her some wiggling. In fact, just the other day, she wiggled her own self right off the edge of her seat. No joke. So don't feel like you need to remain in humble quietude for her benefit. She'd prefer you **get your sillies out** just as you normally would in your own home. Oh, better hush up, here she comes on her first jaunt down that

Uh-oh, better focus that camera! Don't want to miss any more important shots. Too bad you missed that one in her fuzzy jacket and hat. It was cute. Really cute.

Here she comes again, modeling the latest and greatest in puffy-jacket outerwear for the 2009 season! Every girl needs a truly warm coat, wouldn't you agree? According to the toddler digest, green and purple are. seriously. in. this. year.

Whoops, looks like she found someone's stash when they snuck out to change their tampon! Now you know... Even models need chocolate breaks. I think the choco-face goes perfectly well with the multi-colored polka dot outfit.

HEY! You! YES, YOU! No flash photography backstage! Now GIT OUTTA HERE! Before I have to unleash my faithful furry friend on you...

Now comes the nationally acclaimed Bendy Ruggles in her signature Abby Cadabby pantsuit with skirt attached! Of course, one could pair it with nothing LESS than knockoff Uggs. Puh-lease, people. You didn't know this was the new trend?

Back on the runway in a stunning cherry dress with matching shirt and heart-embellished tights, it's BEEEEEEENNNNDDDDYYYY RUUUGGGGLLLEEEESS! Notice that she has realized the beaded rainbow bracelet does NOT match and has tossed it to the side. But the sippy, that matches. Sippies match with everything, right?

Ignore the legs in the background, please. That's just the janitor, come to clean a spill... SOMEone got chocolate all over the runway. And yes, men's winter outerwear is also making an appearance on the toddler fashion circuit this year.

Remember this face, for one day it will grace magazines far and wide. Or at least as wide as North Shore, Mass. Which is essentially the same thing, right?

Thank you for joining us tonight for the first ever Bendy Ruggles fashion show! Please help yourself to the buffet of leftover nuggets and de-crusted PB&J sandwiches on the way out, and don't forget to enter the raffle..........

a brand-new.........

POTTY seat!
That's right! You, too, could be the proud owner of a cushioned ducky seat by the end of the night! Don't miss out!

Any media inquiries about the Ruggle must be directed to Mama Ruggle at the Ruggle agency, inc. Thanks!


Aubrey said...

What a cutie! She will definitely own the runway! With that face...OH!

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