Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun!

We had a really fun Easter this year! It was Ilyana's first easter egg hunt, and she picked up on it pretty quickly :) It was also our first holiday we have had AT HOME- no traveling, YAY!- and the first BIG holiday meal I have done all on my own. We had my brother, his girlfriend, my two cousins and one of their girlfriends over, plus us, and Will's brother stopped by with his family for a while, too.

I was nervous at first that something HAD to go wrong- when you're trying to plan a meal for that many people, plus an egg hunt, things get a little crazy. To top that off, our babysitter is off this week, so RIGHT after our big meal and visiting, I was sending the girl back with my brother to stay with my Mom for the week... SOB!... So I had to pack for that, too. I was worried that at least one of my dishes wouldn't come out, or I would forget something for the Bend... Or.... Or...

Well, none of it happened! WOOT for me!

I made an 8-lb ham, cheesy mashed potatoes, corn, salad, deviled eggs, filled celery sticks, punch bowl cake and bread. Everyone was stuffed- there was more than enough food- and they claim to have had fun... Of course, I can't really vouch for that, because I was running around most of the day, but I believe them :) I didn't manage to get any pics when everyone was there, because I was busy, but here are some highlights from the hunt, and also a few pictures of my pretty girl all dressed up:

Starting the hunt! I think at first she thought she had to EAT all the jellybeans while hunting, not put them in the basket... But that didn't really work out.

She's getting pretty excited here, realizing that there is candy AND presents all over- just for her!

But here, Momma. I'm a nice girl, I'll share.

One for you, two for me...

Found a Polly Pocket!

I think here she was in the middle of screaming "CHOCOLATE!"

And here she is with her full stash of boot-AY! Including, but not limited to:
  • ABC letter teaching book
  • Two pretty dresses and one summerish outfit
  • Polly Pocket
  • Other random dollies
  • Giant bubble wand & bubbles
  • Oodles of candy
  • Shovel...
  • Etc...

And here are some photos I took of my girl all dressed up for the day in one of her pretty new dresses:

See that gorgeous flower bow in her hair? I won it from Kia over at Good Enough Mama for guessing the right goog search! I rock... Oh, right, she does too :) Thanks Kia! Ilyana loves it... It's the first clip she'll let me leave in her hair for more than two seconds without screaming and ripping it out! Yay for you for finding a Bendy Clip!

Now, you peeps should go visit her and say Hi. Or say something snide and sarcastic. Cuz that's how Kia rolls, and she'll like you more if you say something like that than something all ushy gushy and nice. :P

Yes, I realize this is blurry. But how could you resist that FACE?


Come to think of it, most holidays that are associated with candy are pretty good. And even if for some reason the holiday ends up bad, at least you can drown yourself in chocolate eggs and eat good food till you barf. There's always that.


Anonymous said...

Aw, yay! It looks like she had an awesome time doing her first Easter egg hunt. Also, I must say, that clip is DIVINE. How wonderful that you bought a dress (hahaha) to match the clip. :) It looks great!

Woman in a Window said...

Here's the problem. I don't let the kids eat all the stuff so all week at 8:05 I've been in big trouble! Big chocolate jelly bean trouble!

Love that last shot especially. Great perspective!

Issas Crazy World said...

That first picture of her in the dress, is just priceless. Love it. Glad you guys had a good Easter.

Kay said...

You have the prettiest little girl ever!

And I love your name. If my son would have been a girl I would have spelled his name Jaden, now it's Jayden :)

siteseer said...

Aren't kids the best?! There's a saying that if I knew grandkids were so much fun I'd have had them first lol. Lil Peanut loved finding the eggs, loved her Easter bonnet and bubbles are definitely a favorite with her. Can't wait for next Easter...

Aubrey said...

How adorable does she look in her Easter dress?!?! I love the colors too.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day!

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