Thursday, June 25, 2009

What She Says... The Sequel


Baby girl, you were sick last weekend with the flu.

I came into your room to check on you at around midnight when I was going to bed. All I needed to do was touch your skin to know that something wasn't right- you felt like a little furnace, just kicking heat off your body towards me in waves. I pulled you out of bed and brought you in to our room, so you could sleep next to me and I could keep an eye on you. Of course, this woke you up, and you became a little chatterbox- "Mama, it's dark in here."

Me: "Yes honey, it is dark. That's because it's late and it's night-night time. Let's go to sleep now."

You: "Where's Dada?"

Me: "Right there next to you..."

You: "Is Dada sleeping?"

Me: "He's trying to, babe... Now shhh... Gotta be quiet now. It's bedtime."

*car drives by outside* You: "What was that noise?"

Me: "It was a car honey. Now, shh... Or you'll have to go sleep in your bed."

You: "I wanna sleep in my bed."

Me: "You do?"

You: "No, I wanna sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed."

Me: "Okay, ni-night, now."

*a minute later*

You: "I wanna sleep in my bed."

Me: "Okay, honey, let's go."

I picked you up, and as we were walking back to your room, you started spewing. Everywhere. On the floor, on me, in my hair, on your clothes... Then you wiped your face, and got it in YOUR hair and all over your face.

When you get sick, you like to think that if you could just go back to whatever the situation was BEFORE you threw up- in this case, laying in bed- that you won't be sick anymore. So when you threw up on me at what was by then around 1 AM, you looked at me with your shaky, burning up body and your pitiful little puke face and said "I wanna go to sleep, Momma."

Me: "I know honey, but we need to take a shower and get these yuckies off us."

You: "NO! I wanna go to sleep!"

It breaks my heart when you feel bad like this, and I know all I can do is try to make you as comfortable as possible and then wait things out. Needless to say, I did get you in the shower and cleaned us both up. Your dad, who had been charged with cleaning the floor-splashed puke, was waiting to hug you when you came out:

Dada: "Oh, honey... You feel yucky, huh?"

You: *giving him the hairy eyeball* "Dada, I not yucky... I sick!"

Side note unrelated to what you said about the experience: The one thing you like about being sick? Eating popsicles for breakfast. :)

This is one of your latest tactics in trying to get what you want:

You: "Mama, I want to go outside."

Me: "No honey, not right now... Momma is making dinner, and we are going to eat soon."

You: "Mama, I want to go OUTSIDE."

Me: "No, honey, not right now."

You: "Don't say no, Mama. Don't say no. I want to go outside."

Me: "I'm sorry honey, but the answer is no right now."

You: Stomping and screeching at the top of your lungs- "DON'T SAY NO!! DON'T SAY NOOOOO!"

... I have to wonder if you somehow telepathically read my recent "Yes" post. :)


Out of the blue- You: "Dada... We don't eat dog poop. We don't eat dog poop."


There is a new baby at your daycare who is only 3 months old. Carol, your sitter, had set him down in his seat to go do something, and told all the kids to leave him alone. Well, a couple of the other kids went over and were bugging him, so she went to correct them and raised her voice.

You looked at her straight in the eye and said: "Carol! Don't talk so loud!"



Nadia said...

Isn't this age just the best. All their new words and thoughts. The way they piece things together. Its incredible.

I hope your little one feels better soon!

Mammatalk said...

Oh, poor sweet thing. She's still cute when she's puking. What a doll.

Together We Save said...

Hope she is feeling better.

Woman in a Window said...

She's a wonderful little munchkin. Hope she's better and back to being ornery from time to time.

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh it breaks my hear too when little ones feel so yucky, bless their little hearts. Hope she feels better soon.


Aubrey said...

It is just the WORST when our babies are sick like that. I hope she is feeling MUCH better!!

Anonymous said...

Just wait til she wants to go outside and when you say no she tells you you're the worst mother in the world and she hates you and loves daddy way, way, more. not that my kid has ever said this to me. it's just theoretical, of course. no, really. it is.

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