Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life Goes On...

I haven't had a lot to say here in the past week or so. I don't know what's been up, I guess I've just been in a bit of a writing funk... But I did want to post a quick note to you, Bendy Ruggle, about some of the things we've been up to lately.
Your Dad's old friend Duncan is visiting NH from Hawaii right now, so last weekend we went down and picked him up to hang out for a while. He was amazed at how smart you are! You warmed right up to him and let him push you on the swing :) We hope to eventually be able to visit him in beautiful paradise- it would be the first time we ever got to see it in person, and I know you would just love the big flowers, beautiful weather, and fresh fruit!
We also planted some herbs in our pots on the porch last weekend- you are such a good helper! You wore the gardening gloves, put the dirt in the pots with me, and also helped me spread the seeds. The bulbs we planted about two weeks ago are starting to sprout through the ground, and you love counting them with me when we go home and helping to water them. I admit, I'm pretty excited, too! I usually have a black thumb that kills everything, but my plants this year are doing surprisingly well. I think it might be because I have a little helper with the magic touch ;)
The past few days you have started telling us knock-knock jokes, which is pretty hilarious. The funny thing about it is that you don't really *get* that jokes have punchlines. I think that some of the kids at daycare must have been telling these jokes and you picked up the beginning of the jokes from them. So you would start by saying "Knock knock" but then when one of us would answer "Who's there?" you would just seem puzzled and say "Knock Knock" again! I tried telling you a couple of the old ones I remember (banana, banana, banana, banana, ORANGE you glad I didn't say banana? AND boo, boo who? Don't cry, it's only a joke!) and of course you didn't get them, but at least now you TRY with the punchlines. Your latest joke goes something like this:

Bend: Knock Knock!
Mama: Who's There?
Bend: Ilyana is orange banana! *giggles maniacally*
Mama: *giggling too* Ilyana the orange banana who?
Bend: Knock Knock!
Today is your Mommy and Daddy's NINE YEAR anniversary. Nine years that we've been together... Nine years since the day your Uncle Mitchie snuck up the stairs to my room and said sheepishly "Mom wants to know if you guys are going out yet." Nine years since your Daddy looked at me and said "Well, do you want to?" and totally caught me off guard. Nine years since I said yes. Nine years we've been loving each other, struggling through the tough times and sticking it out, nine years we've been leaning on each other, and sometimes fighting with each other but always knowing in the end what matters. Nine years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our dreams have started to come true the past few years, with you finally arriving and making this a family.

Nine years, and life goes on... Even when sometimes your Momma can't think of anything great to say about it.


Vixen said...

First, Happy Anniversary!

I love the knock, knock story. That must be so funny. Isn't gardening with a little one tons of fun? I have been letting Ladybug help in my garden, and it is a joy.

Aubrey said...


Congrats on 9 wonderful, trying, happy, tough, loving years together!

You had me cracking up with the knock knock story!

Woman in a Window said...

I think you did just fine! Nine years - congratulations!

Knock, knock
who's there
chicken head
chicken head who
chicken head banana!

Four three solid years...I'm warning you it just gets uglier! (in a cute way.)

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