Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rose-Colored Glasses

Some people think that seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is naive, futile, ridiculous... That it's only ignoring an inevitable downfall and falsely wishing that nothing bad will ever happen.

Me? I think that focusing on the positive allows you to take life in stride- with a grain of salt- and just keep on moving. I've always been able to see that light on the horizon, even when things got sticky. I've always believed that things will continue to improve, as long as we continue make the choices that we think are right for ourselves.

On the rare hard days, loving my life is a conscious choice... A step back, assess the situation, breathe and believe. Start again. Trust.

But more often than not, it just comes naturally. How could I not love something that provided me with this- the most beautiful, rose-colored-glasses-wearing, spunky, smart princess? How could I not enjoy my time here, with the people I love, as much as humanly possible? How could I not focus on the good?

No matter what life throws at me right now, I have her. And that is enough. And that makes me happy.


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