Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts Numero Tres


You can participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts by visiting Keely at The Un-Mom and signing her Mr. Linky. Or not, since today it's broken. You should just leave your link in the comments, like she told you to. Don't you read directions?!?

You should also visit Kia at Good Enough Mama and say hi, since she's the one who turned me on to this meme. Or you could just stop by and fling some poo, since she's going on vacation this week and we're not. And that is shiteous. It makes me a little green with envy, to be sure.

BUT- she's going to Florida and not to Disney. So that makes me a little less jealous. I can forgive her for her vacation as long as she's not going to that most magical place on earth that I have been feening to go for months, where everything goes right and you smile all day and everyone tells you to "have a magical DAY!" and goes out of their way to make you happy.

Now then. On to more randomness.

*Over the past few days, Ilyana has taken to saying "Oh MY GOOODDDDNESSS!" at the most random of times. I am pretty sure she heard me say this at some point and it stuck in her brain. It's the cutest thing when she says it, though. I am just thanking my lucky stars that she didn't pick up one of my less-PC phrases. I'd probably shrivel up and die if we were out shopping and she said "Dada is a dinknose." OR "HAHA, MOMMA TOOTED!"

...Yes, I've said both of those things. And?

*I am becoming coupon-cutting crazy. I can't stop. But please, no interventions. I figure any addiction that actually allows me to shop AND saves my family money is a blessing in disguise. Last weekend I stocked up on cereal, and I still have more to buy. We had to convert our extra hutch into a pantry to hold all the reserve food I was able to snag! Boo-YAH!

I have even gotten things for FREE! It's crazy. There are two blogs in particular that I follow to find the BEST deals and internet printable coupons- they are

Money Saving Mom

But if you do decide to check them out, don't say I didn't warn you. You will most likely end up at the sites multiple times per day. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I even found a deal from Hip2Save that got me a pair of $65 LEATHER flip flops for this summer from Deckers and only paid $12 with FREE SHIPPING! They came yesterday and they rock. Oh, and they have a lifetime warranty, so if they ever break, they'll be replaced. Yeah, I could go on about the deals. They are great. Just check the sites. You won't be sorry.

*I am seriously looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. I think we are just going to hang around the house and plant things and clean and catch up on rest, but a relaxing LONG weekend at home sounds fantabulous right about now. I think it's been MONTHS since I had more than two days at home in a row.

*It's Ilyana's birthday party (well, actually, parties) this weekend. I am so not as organized about it as last year, but I'm thinking that's okay. I'm not doing a meal this year, like I did last year, I'm just going to have snacks and cake and ice cream and balloons and all that regular birthday jazz. She's really excited about it, though :)

*I got to finish my shopping for her party last weekend. It was amazing. A beautiful day out, and I got to borrow my Mom's convertible to drive around in, since my brother was supposed to take a look at my brakes for me... Driving around all day, top down, shopping, BY MYSELF?! Nirvana.

*I just love my family. They are wonderful.


Keely said...

Mr. Linky came back, so I added you!

I wish we got the coupons and deals here in Canada. Maybe I just don't know where to look...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check out those sites...thanks for sharing! Nirvana is right!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

hope the party is great - and I just clipped by tail off this past weekend and only saved $35 on groceries - what am I doing wrong? I keep hearing about all these HUGE savings and I just can't get it right!

kelly said...

My husband is a huge coupon cutter. Seriously, he has been known to save over 100 dollars on one shopping trip. We take that very seriously in our house ;)

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