Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poop and Singing

I have been awful with the photos lately. I take some, then I forget to post them. And I never get ones of the things that are REALLY memorable, like last night...

* * * *

I'm pretty sure fate did not want me talking to my Mom last night. Who knows why, but she called me on my cell phone first... I was busy, so I figured I'd call her back. Then my house phone rings. I think, "Oh, it might be important, I better pick up." So I grab the nearest phone, pick it up... and start hearing that ominous beeping that can only mean my phone will die as soon as we start getting into the juicy bits of whatever story we're telling.

Quickly, I say- "Hey, my phone is dying, I'll call you back in a little bit!"

Mom: "Bye!"

So I put the phone on the charger and hang around for a bit until Bendy's tubtime. I take her up with me, start running her tub, and go grab the other handset to call my Mom back.

As soon as she picks up, beeping ensues. "Dammit, I just grabbed a new phone thinking this one MUST be charged, but now this phone is beeping too!"

Mom: "Huh?"

Me: "My phone is dying! I'll-" the phone hangs up. HMPH!

So, I go run and grab my cell phone from downstairs and bring it up, determined we'll finish this conversation sooner or later. I put Bendy in the tub and give her some of her toys to splash around and have fun with. Call my Mom back.

"Hey, sorry, that phone died too. I don't know what the heck is up. None of my phones will stay charged! Anyway, what's up?"

"Driving home from work. I have an event tonight and an event tomorrow night too! It's the nomination party for Andover's Hottest Bachelorette!"

"Oh that sounds fun! Illy... what are you doing? Wait, hang on a second Mom... What IS that? That's not a tub toy... Illy, did you poop?!"

Ilyana: "Nooo..."

Me: *takes a closer look* "Yes you did! Oh my GOD, I gotta go. Ilyana pooped in the tub."

Mom: Laughing hysterically- "She DID?! Okay, talk to you later!" *giggles*

I think she did this like, once before. When she was really little.

Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with having to drain the tub, scoop out the poop nuggets (there were like 5 of them!), lift the tub mat, clean everything down, rinse it out, and re-fill the tub to finish a bathtime that had barely started... but you don't really get other options with things like this!

I actually sort of felt bad for her, because I think she must have been constipated (it seemed like it for a couple of days before this) and the warm water helped her get it out. But still. Cleaning soggy poops out of a bath and off of toys and bath mats is not my idea of fun. By the time I finally got to talk to my Mom again after all this, I forgot entirely what the conversation had been about. Isn't that just the way?

* * * *

So, after tub time was over, we go back downstairs to have our dinner, watch some TV and relax. I'm laying on the couch a bit later, and Illy goes:

"Momma, what you doing?"

"I'm laying down, honey."

"I wann' lay down TOO!"

"Okay, come on up and snuggle with me for a bit."

So she comes over, hoists herself up onto the couch, and sits on my lap. She looks me RIGHT in the eye, and starts singing to me out of the blue:

"KINKLE, Kinkle, iddle STAR
How I wonder utchoo ARE!
Up above a wetchoo HIGH
Like a diamond in the SKY
Kinkle, kinkle IDDLE star
How I wonder UTCHOO ARE!"

Through the whole entire song, she stared straight at me. Then I melted.

I tell you, having the most beautiful, loving, smartest, most rhythmic and musical little girl in the world? TOTALLY makes up for having to clean soggy poop.

Just saying.


Woman in a Window said...

The price to perfect love is...apparently...poop! Worth every nugget.

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