Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bloggy Fodder

First off... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all. I know it's early. But chances are, I won't be on here tomorrow, because I'll be too busy stuffing my face and anticipating the steals I will get on Black Friday. So now I've covered my bases.

Secondly, I have a few new blog awards!! Yay me :)

The first is from Elizabeth at Three Channels:

The qualifications to receive the award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:

1. Must link it back to the creator.
2. Post the rules.
3. Choose 5 people to give it to.
4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above.
5. Create a post to share this.
6. You must thank the winner.


Then I got this one, which I have seen all over the bloggy world and been pining for someone to give to ME... And Noah's Mommy from Project Mommyhood has bestowed it upon me at long last!! Thank you, thank you! :)

So what I'm gonna do is combine these awards and give them to five blogs that I think fit both! It's hard for me to pick, but here goes with some of my faves:

Mama Dawg at Two Dogs Running

Kyla at The Journey

Caleb at The Daily Focal Point

Devin at Chasing Moments Photography

Stephanie at A Year Of Crockpotting

Finally, Hip Mama's Place is having an awesome Christmas Giveaway. So you should go and check it out. You won't be sorry, trust me!



Mama Dawg said...

You rock! Thanks! They'll go up on Friday!

Devin said...

awesome... my first award! what do i do now? lol

my blog said...

Congrats on the awards!! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW! THIS IS MY FIRST AWARD TOO :) thank you so much!

Kyla said...

Thanks so much!!

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