Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Erm... Text From Post?

For some reason, with the MSNBC widget I was using, I wasn't able to post my text- it just kept disappearing when I tried to include it. So here's what I had to say about that, mostly addressed to my beautiful daughter, whose future was in the balance during this election.

Text from post:

All that hoping and crossing our fingers and teaching you to chant "O-BAM-A, O-BAM-A" has paid off, my girl. Starting 1/21/2009, our country will be led by someone who I believe has the intelligence, the empathy, and the even-keeled manner to pull our country out of this awful recession and put some policies in place that actually benefit the mass majority of us middle-class American families.



Dr. Cason said...

I cried!

And then got all teary when explaining the historical significance ot my oldest. She didn't get it. She will one day though!

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