Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Well, at least it is at OUR house!

We spent this Saturday setting up our FIRST EVER Christmas tree :) Yes, we've been together for over eight years, but since we are always at my Mom's on Christmas morning, and since we never had a little munchkin to enjoy it before, we never thought we needed one of our own. Yet. Last year, we thought about it, but our place was so small, as was the Ruggle, that it just wasn't worth it.

This year, we finally did! We had my Mom pick us up a tree from Big Lots and then her, my stepdad David and little brother Owen took the drive up to bring it to us and help us decorate it. I had a small box of ornaments given to my by my Dad- the ones that I had collected over the years at his house- and then we bought some from the Dollar Tree, since they are plastic and thus less of a fragile-scary-breakable-choking-hazard than regular ornaments. And I don't mind as much if the ruggle wants to play with them.


I got da balls, Momma.

Dada, Watch Dis!

David spent the day as photographer, which is why he's not in any of these.


The girl checks out the tree from ALL angles.

Amazingly, Owen was able to help us, even though he spent ALLLLLLL week sick with an unexplained fever. We are still waiting to hear what's going on with him, which is pretty scary. I was glad he perked up a little and was able to help me and Mom put on some ornaments...

He was showing off how tall and lanky he is. Look at him reaching almost to the top of the tree!

Odizz the decorator

Mama Ruggle the decoratess

Cey-Cey Ruggle the decoratess

"Could I help ya, Mumma?"

"Sure, honey, here's a delicate frog ornament (that was already broken once before) for you to put on the tree..."


"Momma, Momma, I break the froggie! Uh-Oh!"

*sigh* S'ok, Ruggle. Here are some plastic ones to play with instead. We'll just put Mr. Froggie aside to be repaired (again) at an unknown later date... i.e., hopefully by next year.

While we decorated the tree, Will (aka hubster) put together our bed frame. See, my Mom bought herself and David a new bed frame when they were out getting our tree. Which meant, HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH, they didn't need their old bed frame anymore. WHICH by proxy meant... you got it... I inherited their old one. Which is just AWESOME for me. No more sleeping with our mattress on the floor. w00t w00t :)

Of course, Illy helped. "Dada, where does this go?"

Here, lemme put it in your hann! Sanks, Dada.

Look at my pretty Momma helping me decorate! Thanks Momma :)

The two sexiest tree-decorators in town. Wanna hire us? Erm, for decorating, I mean. And nothing else.

DISCLAIMER: It's not that amazing being the sexiest anything in Enfield, NH. Just for the record. If you had seen the chickies walking around my town, you'd understand. I'm just sayin'.

Uhm, yeah. I love the Dollar Tree. My tree came out much better than I expected, and I got all the red and gold ornaments AND the ribbon for 7 bucks total. STEAL!

O contemplates the meaning of having a tree...

As I anally relocate ornaments that *just look off*


In the end, though, we had a "Pretty tree, pretty tree" (Yes, she did say that.)

Which Ilyana enjoyed all night long.

And had to check FIRSTTHING in the morning to be sure the pretty tree was still there.


Aubrey said...

Yes it is! What great pictures you captured! The tree looks great and wonderful that you got to share this with your family!

You're too funny..."wanna hire us"! LOL

Karin Katherine said...

I hope your local ladies walking around your town don't read that post! LOL Thanks for sharing the pics of your tree decorating. Its always nice when its done with family, isn't it?

Elizabeth Channel said...

That last picture is so, so sweet! Reminds me of my sweet Sue two years ago at Christmas. It's so magical for them at that age!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Hahahaha. "Wanna hire us?" You almost had me. I was ready to bid. ;)

siteseer said...

I love seeing everything new through the eyes of the little ones. Gives you a whole new perceptive.

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