Monday, October 27, 2008

Heat Update

Spoke with the town building inspector on Friday. He told me to mail a certified letter with a return receipt to my landlady with all of the information I had on the heat situation, and to send him a copy of it. He said give her a deadline of 10 days from the date I wrote it to fix the situation. I did, even though I thought 10 more days in this weather (it is supposed to SNOW on Wednesday!?!) is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, before she gets my letter, she calls me back, all apologetic-like and leaves. three. messages. Apologizing (did I say that already? Well, that's okay, she did it a bunch of times), bending over backwards, giving me three different options for how to fix the situation. I'm like... At this point? I don't give a $hit how you fix it. Just fix it. We want warmth! We want warmth! (I was thinking at this point that I would protest in front of the house with signs, chanting this if she didn't do something about it that night.)

Thank god she came over later that (Friday) night with TWO BIG space heaters. Not the best solution, because they are a fire hazard and they kept blowing our fuses so we had to strategically place them throughout the house to make sure this doesn't keep happening. Oh, and make sure not to use the microwave unless we shut the one in the living room off first. Cuz we learned the hard way (thrice, I tell you) that this will also blow a fuse. But I do have to say, they are pretty good for space heaters. They're keeping us at a comfortable temperature. So I can't complain.

But I still want my permanent heat. At least she's going to pay for all the electricity these space heaters are using up, because I'm afraid to even SEE that bill! Running 2 big space heaters all night long just doesn't seem to me to be too pocket-friendly. As long as it's coming off my rent, I won't say anything...

*w00t* for being warm :D


marina said...

Snow already!!! Wow, I'm so glad I live in the tropics. I always say snow is great to visit. I've paid my dues of living in snow country for over 30 years of my life:)

Vixen said...

Thank heavens she brought the heaters AND is paying the electric for it. The last place I lived had no heat at all (I didn't know it when I agreed to live there-family involved-long, bad story). Our heaters once racked up an electric bill of nearly 900 dollars.

At least you have legal recourse. Enjoy the comfortable temperature.

siteseer said...

not a fun way to live. In our camper, if we have limited electric, we have to watch this guage thing to make sure we're not using more than 30. So, like you say, if I'm using the micro I have to unplug the heater, or the hotwater heater, or the hair dryer. Just makes it more interesting when camping, but to live like that is ridiculous.

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