Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pickin' Bapples!

Yes, that's what she calls them. Bapples.

I finally got around to bringing my camera with me so I could get this post done! w00t :)

We went apple picking on Saturday, September 20th. I didn't think to take any good pictures of the Orchard itself, or its awesome store where they sell homemade cider doughnuts (yummmm) and have a haunted house... I didn't even get any pics of her climbing the mountain of pumpkins! I don't know what I was thinking that day... Oh, wait, yes I do! I had given hubby charge of the camera for the day, that's right. And I realized about halfway through our picking that he had not taken ONE photo the whole time. I, of course, went into pic-taking overdrive with the Bendy, while he finished pickin the bapples. Hopefully we'll be going back one more time before the season is over though, so if you're dying to see pictures of Wellwood Orchards, they may be coming.

At first, she didn't really get it. She was a little crabby- I think not too pleased to be wearing her new sneakers, which weigh a lot more than her little Crocs. She's not used to having to pick up weight with her feet, plus the grass in the orchard was really tall and kept tripping her up... so, as per usual when things don't go her way, she threw herself to the ground with high-pitched screeches. I finally decided that we should just take off her shoes, and after that, she was a doll the whole time and really got into the bapple-picking. After a few more minutes, I realized that my high-heeled boots (yeah, yeah I know....) weren't the best for trudging around the orchard, either, so we both ended up sans shoes. This is when the stroller comes in handy (as a pack mule)!

Once she figured out we were putting the apples into our bag, she got really psyched. She kept picking up the drops from the ground and trying to put them in the bag (yuck! lol...) saying "Bapple, bapple, bapple!" over and over :) Don't worry, none of the drops made it into my apple pie... Or the AWESOME apple streusel cheesecake bars I made after. She did manage to get one of them home in the bag, but I caught it before it was consumed.

"I don't know about all this grass... Why don't you just carry me, Dad?"

"Bapple, Mumma, Bapple!"

Wait, wait Dada! (Yes, her pants are undone. She kept stepping on them and they would come unsnapped, so I gave up on them for a little while. )

Oh, I get it now! We get to fill that bag with bapples and bring them home! Yay!

Aw, a present for me. Thank you, my girl :D

Hey, is that where you got my present?!? (I love this shot!)

This is kind of dark because of the sun in the background, but I liked it anyway. It's a good shot of the two of them together... He was showing her how to actually pick an apple instead of just grabbing the yucky ones.

See, you just twist and pull like this...

When we were almost done picking apples and she was getting a little tired of it, we found this bin. She wanted to play in the bin. So Dada went off to finish topping off the bapple bag, and I took some amazing *if I do say so myself, which I do* photos of Bendy playing in the apple bin. One of them was on my last post for Wordless Wednesdays, so I'm not re-posting it here... But here are the other ones that I found worthy of sharing:

This one had to be first. I caught her at JUST the right moment- she popped up to peek-a-boo me, and I snapped this shot.

Oh yeah, I'm cool, I'm playing in the bin... uh-huh... oh yeah...

This is what we call the "Bendy" apple drop. See the apple falling? Uh-oh...

I swear, she thought this bin was the greatest thing since sliced bread... or maybe, in her case, since munchkins.

There's bapples in HERE, too!

Notice the lack of shoes (still).

What do you mean I have to come out of here? I'm not sure how I feel about that...

Please? Just one more minute, Mom? I made friends with these bapples...

Then we were on to the petting zoo at the orchard. This place was pretty sweet for a petting zoo, I have to say. They had all sorts of animals- not just the average farm ones, but others too... They had sheep, cows, bunnies, peacocks, chickens (Illy LOVED the chickens), goats, pigs, deer, some other weird birds, etc... The pigs and deer were in separate areas so you couldn't actually pet them, but all of the others were just running around freely. It costs 50 cents to get in, and was well worth it- she had a blast! I really wish I had taken more pics. She didn't want to leave the chickens, and there was one particular snow-white bunny that she REALLY wanted to pet, but never got to because he kept hopping away whenever she got close! Little rascal must already know to stay away from the toddlers :P

Dada buying some food for Ills to feed the sheep and goats with. She wasn't too keen on it, though. As soon as she felt their tongue, she shook her little hand, like, "Yuck!" and gave Will this really funny look... As if to say "WHAT are you thinking, Dad?!? That thing could eat my fingers!"

Notice her hand is safely at her side here. No more sheep kisses for her.

You know what happens when you chase a white rabbit, don't you?

Happy fall to all! Hope you enjoyed the new pics :D


Vixen said...

Now I really, really want some fresh bapples. And some bapple pie.

This looks so fun. I will have to see if there is a place around here where I can take Ladybug to pick bapples.

BTW, the one you took for WW is awesome, especially with the title!

Aubrey said...

Bendy is too cute! Looks like a great day. I wish we had a place to go bapple picking! *boohoo!*

siteseer said...

Bendy is adorable. I too love the one of her under the apple tree. My grandbaby (that I refer to as Peanut) is almost 15 months old. I'll have to check back often and keep up with Bendy.

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the photos! I wish I had thought to take more of the orchard, but the shots of her would have been better, anyway :P

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