Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Lovins'...

It's mah birrrrrf-day on Sunday.

Happy Birthday to me:

I'm gonna be 25. I feel sorta grown-up about that. Don't know why 25 feels like the milestone into "true" adulthood, but it does for some reason. Maybe because now I have a little girl, and a *real* job, and benefits, and responsibilities above and beyond just watching out for myself. Maybe after Sunday happens, I'll change my mind and say I don't really feel like a grown-up. That's probably the case. But right now, I feel as if the adulthood is looming over my head like a big gray storm cloud.

I don't know why I describe it that way. It's not that I don't want to be a grownup. I guess I just don't want to lose all those things you get to have when you're a teenager. For instance, I liked having friends that I could actually see. I don't really get to have that anymore. Most of the old friends I had either moved, have busy lives of their own so we never connect in person, or our friendships have drifted, as some things do. The closest contact I have with friends now is usually the net, since I am not a big fan of the phone. I also liked being able to spend my money on things I didn't need but at the time that I bought them thought I did, rather than spending money on *yawn* bills and necessities. Bills are such a bad idea. I think we should just scrap them and start over with a bartering system. Wait, maybe not. I don't know what I have that I could barter. This could take some contemplation...

Back to the topic at hand- I am having a birthday! WoooOOoooOO :D

So, anyway, my Mom already gave me my present from her and my stepdad- she took me out shopping on Columbus day weekend. I know, it was way early, but all the good sales were that weekend and I was having a crappy day, so we decided to go out. I got so much stuff, I was psyched! I love shopping with my mom, it's one of the great fun things in life. We will both happily walk until the soles of our shoes wear out, carrying five bags and our purses and our leftover drinks from the food court as long as the sales are worth it. We are the ultimate bargain-shoppers. Sometimes I think it's unnatural. Will was saying to me the other day that he thinks I have an addiction to shopping. Pfffffffffffffft. (Notice that is a super long pfft.) As if. I just love it. And can't stop. And won't... erm... lol. No addiction there.

I told him that at least my *addiction* saves us money. I am very scrupulous about what I buy, when, and what price I pay for it. I usually get way more for our money than most people would. Lately this includes clipping coupons- I have found some sites online that I love for coupons, and our grocery store doubles manufacturer ones, so between shopping there for the little things we need, and shopping at BJ's for necessities that would cost way more if you bought them in small batches (i.e., toilet paper, paper towels, gatorades, etc etc) we save tons.

Whoops, this is turning into another tangent.

So, my point is this. I really wanted this camera for my birthday:

It's a Fuji Finepix s700, and it's MUCH MUCH nicer than the point-and-shoot I've been using for years. I've wanted to get more into photography, now that I am on a constant Bendy Ruggle pic hunt and am more into blogging... and my old camera just wouldn't cut it. But I thought no way would I get this. It's generally between $175- $275 at stores or online to buy, which is very moderately priced for how nice it is, but is still too much for us to be able to spend on me for my birthday.


He found it! On newegg which is the best website for computer-related items and electronics. It's where all the techies we know get their gear and upgrading stuffs. Not only that, but he found it refurbished for $110! AND it comes with a 2 gb SD card and a carrying case/ bag for free. HOORAY for the bargain-shopping hubby! He has learned well. :)

So I am totally getting an awesome new camera for my birthday.

And it should be on my doorstep when I get home.


I am so excited. A shopping spree, an AWESOME gift from my hubby... And my Dad promised to cook me an nice meal when I see him, too. If you knew my Dad and his cooking, you'd be jealous. Trust me.

What more could a girl want for a birthday? 'Cept maybe a kiss from her little girl, which I always need.

Can't wait to go home and get my package- er, packages. Although the diapers on the doorstep are not nearly as exciting as the camera. But still. More than one package awaits me.


LovingDagner said...

Happy Birthday. I totally get what you mean about getting older. I'm only 23 but last year I almost had a panic attack about how it would be my last birthday as a free woman, you know the last day that would totally revolve around me and no one else. MY birthday is a BIG deal. It's currently 67 days away, and yes I always know how many days until my birthday cause I'm a winner like that! Anywho the point of this ramble is this.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Lori said...

happy birthday! sounds like a good one...and believe me...enjoy being 25! once 35 hits, you start to feel older...little things, but still, they are creeping up!

Aubrey said...

Woot-Woot! How fun!!

I think that is the camera I have had my eye on. Enjoy! Happy Early Birthday!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your new camera :)

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day and showing some comment love!

Jaden Paige said...

THANK YOU ALL for the birthday wishes! It means more to me than it probably should that I have made some friends in the bloggy world :D You all are so great!

Aubrey- if you are wanting that camera, you should totally search for it on It's still at that price (around $110) and it's a steal! It comes with a nice camera bag and a 2 gig memory card, too. I just got mine, and I LOVE it!

my blog said...

Happy Birthday!!

That's so cool that you're getting that great camera!

Like you I am a complete bargain shopper. My husband teases me about my shopping addiction but I tell him he should be lucky that I find great bargains and scrimp wherever I can.

Sounds like you and your mom had a great time with your big shopping spree!!

Have a great birthday!

Vixen said...

Happy early birffday! Enjoy your new camera, it looks awesome!

Mama Dawg said...

Happy Early birthday!

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