Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays #5- The Apple of My Eye :)

If you're bored, go on over to the Wordless Wednesdays Website to check out other people's awesome Wordless' (that's proper grammer for Wordless-es, in case you didn't know :P)


Jack said...

Hehe, that's too cute!
Have a great Wednesday :)

Betty said...

Neat picture - looks like two eyes but actually two apples. Nice choice for today.

netta said...

That is adorable. I can't wait until my grandbaby is bigger, but in a way, I hope that's a long time. They're not little for long. :(

Happy WW, and thanks for stopping by!

lisaschaos said...

She hides behind those apples pretty good, but I bet she soon hid the apples in her belly. :)

LovingDanger said...

The pics of her in the bin are beautiful!!

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