Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under Construction. Stay Tuned.

ARGH! I am sooo mad at myself. I got the bright idea this morning to start looking for a new blogger template, since I hated that the other one was like a big column down the middle.

Well, I should have stuck with it anyway, because now I can't find one I like, I lost all my widgets, and everything I try screws up. To top it off, I can't locate where the computer saved my ^%$# old template when I backed it up. So now I am on the hunt to find something better that I can use. I wish I knew the ins and outs of blogger better, cuz I'd just design one myself that fits my needs... But I don't.

So now I'm just pissed. Stay tuned to see if I can cure my blogger blues. BAH. :(


soleil said...

Oh, how annoying! I've had that happen to me before too.

Have you looked at thecutestblogontheblock?
They have the cutest templates (free!) and they're super easy to install!

Good luck!!

Aubrey said...

Oh, how I have been there! Such a pain in the butt!
I'll be here waiting, patiently!

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