Monday, October 20, 2008

My weekend and New Pictizzles.

This weekend, I went to Nashua to pick up my little (she spent from Thursday night to Saturday with Cey cey and the Grumps, oh and of course Skunkle Bobby and Skunkle Miles who came to visit, and Uncle Mitch and Uncle O) and hung out a bit, then came home and had a much needed day at home on Sunday. After harassing my frickin' landlord because it was FREEZING and we haven't had heat (which is supposed to be included in our rent, which we have paid ON TIME all the time) in over a month! *grumble, grumble*

We were all in layers this weekend, needless to say. And I was pissed. She's been taking money off our rent, but as I said on Sunday to her on the phone "The money off the rent is not doing anything for the fact that right now, we are home and freezing!" She actually asked me if my electric heat was "not doing anything for me"... I guess some of the units have baseboard heat to use as a backup. Not so for us. We have had NADA heat other than a small (we're talking $10 at Target) space heater, which we have kept in her room so she could sleep comfortably. We even plastick-ed over some of the windows to help trap heat, but it hadn't done a lot. I kindly told her that we don't have any back up heat, and she pretended she didn't know what unit I was in. Finally, I told her we need to buy a bigger space heater or something, and she hurriedly told me "No, no, the other tenant (below us) has a space heater I bought her last year after she didn't have heat for (GET THIS!) a day and a half. I'll go and ask her if I can have it for you." I was livid. You mean to tell me that last year after one day, this lady complains and you buy her something to keep her warm, but me, my hubby and our ONE YEAR OLD are in our house feezing for over a month, have called and complained and asked you what was up like 10 times and you still hadn't done anything for us?!?!?! GRR!

Turns out, the lady below us had been using the space heater but didn't need it. Her tank still had fuel, but the pilot light had gone out. So the landlord lit it, and then she did bring over the space heater. I know the situation is not entirely her fault, because our unit broke and she had to get new ones for everyone in the building, and now the fuel people need to get to our house... But come ON! Over a month!?!? I have a toddler! Sheesh! I have had ENOUGH of this. I was so angry, because half the reason we chose this place last year was that it had heat included, and now the first really cold month- we woke up to hard frost the past two days, and I'm hearing that there's possibility of SNOW on Wednesday- we don't have it! I know if I was in charge of paying for my heat, I'd have it right now. I don't even know what to say to her anymore... I mean, we're okay now that we have the other space heater, and it wasn't THAT cold before I called her on Sunday. But this better be taken care of, and soon. She is getting on my last nerve right now.

On another note, I did get some PRETTY DARNED CUTE pics from Cey-cey and Grumps this weekend. Apparently they were hiding these gems from me before I visited this weekend :D So here are some cute shots- they made me smile and sort of forget that I was pissed at LANDLADY... So maybe they'll do something similar for you, too!

**Side note** Some of these are pretty old, they are compiled pictures from throughout the summer/ fall of this year, so I'll caption so you know when they're from.

Brotherly Love- My brothers Mitch and Owen- Owen's 10th Birthday Party, July 20th 08

Ilyana Enjoys the Party From The Rug- 7.20.08

O-dizzle, Rollin' In Dough

7.24.08- Eatin' lunch and Watchin' Toons

7.24.08- I dance!

Up close and personal. 7.24.08

Ceyc, I want your teeth! When will I get the rest of mine? 7.24.08

If you give me your teeth, I'll give you a kissssss... 7.24.08

And clap super-cute-like, too!

Hi Momma! I was just talkin' to Ceyc... 7.24.08

August 5th 08- Pondering the Windchimes

8.05.08- Liking the Windchimes more now that I know what they do...

Riding the side of the swingset like a horse? Hmm... 8.5.08

8.5.08 Who me? A model? Nahhh.... I was just born this way.

8.5.08 I run and play like a big girl now!

10.18.08 Playing in the yard at Cey-cey's house

Chillin' with my Grumps. Wanna know a secret? He's not really grumpy... He just got stuck with the nick name. 10.18.08

Grumps always takes me outside, outside. 10.18.08

Pretty pretty princess smile. 10.18.08


siteseer said...

she is just too cute. I love how they get so mesmerized by the tv.

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