Monday, October 6, 2008

Mishmashed Monday

My vacation with Ilyana technically started on Friday- our babysitter takes two weeks off in October, and two in April. This week we couldn't find coverage, so I got to take a week off to lounge with the girl :D

We got a lot done this weekend- went down to Nashua so my brother could do my brakes, and managed to pick up a portable dishwasher we had found at a steal on Craigslist for $75. That's right, folks, no more nights spent in front of the sink with a soggy shirt for me! Woooo~ I am so completely psyched, you have no idea. The thing works like a charm and is in great condition. YAY for Dada for putting the idea in my head a couple of weeks ago by showing me some cheap ones on there, and YAY for me for finding this great one, which is exactly what we needed, at just the right time. I was starting to think I'd go insane from the neverending stack...

Because I didn't have to do dishes, I was able to get a lot more done today. Got the whole rest of the house (except for mopping the kitchen floor, but... ick) cleaned, took the girl and the doggie down to the park and the Post Office to get the mail and am planning dinner right now. I think it's nice to start the vaca with a clean house- now I don't have to worry about it right away. Oh and bonus- at the post office, I had a free product waiting for me to evaluate from one of the companies I fill out surveys for! It was actually something I'd hoped to try, so that was nice too.

Off to try and find a good dinner meal- here's a few shots from our day :)


Aubrey said...

Gotta love when you can find a good deal on craigslist! Yay on the dishwasher and of course, you week off with you baby girl!

Vixen said...

Dishwashers are the BEST. Good luck finding something for dinner...I am coming up blank in that department.

I am having my first contest, if you get the chance to stop by.

elexisb said...

Yea! Enjoy your week with your little. I'm sure you're appreciating the time, and congrats on the dishwasher! Wish I would've thought of that in our last house. Can't imagine all the extra time I would've had in those 3 years if we got a portable dishwasher :)

soleil said...

Don't you just love Craigslist! I have found sooo much on it, including the cutest TV armoire EVER, a couch for me, a couch, an armoire and barstools for my sister. And, last week, a Pack N Play for my baby!
I've also sold tons on Craigslist!!
Congrats on your great find!

Great pics! I love the expression on the dogs face... so sweet!

Elizabeth Channel said...

LOVE Craigslist!

Glad to see you have such a joyful week!

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