Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~The Little Girl Secret Friends Handshake~

Yesterday was our day to return to normal life.

Our daycare provider had been on vacation for the previous two weeks, so Illy girl had sort of been all around- the first week was at home with moi, the second week she was with her Dada on Monday (he has a 9-hour a day, 4 days a week schedule... yeah, I'm jealous too!) and then our upstairs neighbor and friend offered to babysit for us for the same rate we pay our sitter normally for Tuesday- Thursday... Thank god because I don't know what we would have done otherwise! Finally, on Friday she was with her Cey-cey and Uncle O-dizzle, who took the day off to spend some quality time with her. Of course, they went shopping... And of course, she came home with some cute suits! (See the pics in the entry from yesterday below- the dress she was wearing in the ones taken 10.18.08 was one of the outfits)

So we were anticipating that maybe she'd have a hard time going back to daycare. She's only been in daycare for about 3-4 months now, and has never before had that much time away and then gone back. We were a little worried that maybe she would forget the routine, be nervous when I dropped her off, be shy around the other kids... Or something else along the lines of screaming-crying-tantrum-toddler-bad-attitude-morningness.

Not so for my AWESOME Bendy Ruggle!

I walked through the door with her on one arm, her bag and lunch on the other... And immediately she glances down and sees her 2-year-old best friend Kaylynn. As soon as they meet eyes, she starts doing THIS lip thing! (Link leads to a vid on YouTube which is an explanation... it's hard to explain in words exactly what it is. Keep in mind in the video it's the parents doing it to the baby, but she was doing this herself)... As soon as Kaylynn sees Illy doing it, she starts doing it too, and Illy wiggle-worms her way down from me and runs over to her little friend. They both stand there doing this lip thing at eachother, and then the other little girl Katelyn joins in... And... Yeah. I wish I had my camera. It was the cutest thing ever! I've never seen such a weird secret handshake... lipshake? before in my life~

Oh, the things they do.

She must have missed her little friends... I'm so glad we've found such a great daycare provider- she feels at home there, which is more than we could have asked for!


siteseer said...

Peanut just learned to do the same thing, but we have to initiate it with her. Too cute that they do it on their own.

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Yeah, we taught her how to do it, but we didn't know the girls were all using it as a sign of solidarity! LOL.

Dr. Cason said...

My husband taught all my kids to do that!

Oh now you make me cry little purple puddles everywhere!

BTW- I picked up that pear and guess what another one dropped again. Life with a two year old! :)

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