Friday, October 3, 2008

ZoMbIe TeMpLaTe... Crisis averted?

I think it's fixed. I just went back to a similar template to the first one I had. Figured if I'm gonna have all these problems, better to stick with the tried and true. :P At first after I switched back, the old one was still loading when I went to my URL... Zombie template style, it just wouldn't die!

Maybe someday I'll get up the energy (nerve?) to fix up and use another... Who knows.

I also made a new header, which I don't like as much as my old one. I'll be making another today. Hopefully my creativity is more on its game- yesterday was just a crap day in that department.

Thanks for all your support everyone! Blogger blues semi-cured, I suppose.

On a different note, HOW do you use the strikethrough in words on Blogger?!?! I can't figure it out. Help!?! :) Thanks.


soleil said...

Hey, your header is cute! Your little girl is just adorable... I hope my little girl is as cute as your's!! I just can't imagine what my baby is going to look like!

You strike through words by typing < del > word < /del >

But no spaces!

It took me a long time to figure it out too!

I've made both my blogs private and I'd like to invite you to be a reader but I'll need your email address to invite you. (You have to invite people by their email addresses.) Anyway, if you'd like you can e-mail me at and I can invite you!!

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Thanks so much for the compliment on my girl :) Of course I think she's adorable, but I'm biased... :P
I emailed you so you could add me! I look forward to reading your updates on the baby- who, I'm sure, will be wayyy cute too :D

Vixen said...

I like the new header and I look forward to seeing if what you create today. Sorry I couldn't help with the strike through thing, I use wordpress.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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