Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday- My Top 10 Horror Movies

So this is a meme I came across today and thought was fitting for the week. The ten horror movies that I love the most! This will be hard... I've loved all things spooky since I was little. "The People Under The Stairs" was one of my favorite movies when I was about 12. If you've seen it, you'll know why this is dysfunctional. I'm surprised my parents didn't think I was a budding sociopath.

Anyway, these are ones I think everyone should see. I'm linking each movie title to its corresponding IMDB review so if you HAVEN'T seen any of them, you might take this Halloween opportunity to check them out. :D Oh and just FYI, I'm not including ones I consider to be "suspense" movies, just the SCARY ones- which is why you won't see Silence of the Lambs (a great movie, nonetheless)! I debated on The Sixth Sense, but in the end, even though I question its horror-ness, it was so good, it made the cut. I have tried to put them in order of which I like best, but the classics end up at the bottom- not because I think they're worse, simply because (a) I think most people have seen them; (b) I think they're "givens" which obviously make the top ten; and (c) I prefer to watch the newer movies. So, yeah, don't be all hater-ish on me if you're a fan of the oldies but goodies. At least they made the list. :P

1. 30 Days of Night I loved this movie! It came out last year and I just recently saw it. The basic plot is that vampires attack an Alaskan town during its dark season... That's all I'm gonna give you. It is hands down the best scary movie I have seen come out in probably the last five years, at least. It makes it to the top of my list for being the most believable, horrifying vampire flick EVER. Greatness, I tell you, greatness!

2. 28 Days Later and its sequel, 28 Weeks Later. They were both pretty good zombie-type flicks. I enjoyed them thoroughly (I stayed awake for the entirety of both of them, that says something right there!)

3. Saw the original one. It was great, even though I felt like the sequels kind of teetered off... My brother says the last one was really good, but I didn't even finish it. He thinks I should give it another try, so maybe I will this week!

4. The Others was original and scary and awesome. The first time I saw it, we were in the theater, and my cousin Bobby who had already seen it was with us. Just as the old lady creepy ghost turns around the face the camera (I mean at the EXACT right time) he turns to me, grabs my shoulder, and goes "AHH!" I swear to god I thought I was going to die! I jumped so high, my heart almost beat out of my chest, and I squealed like a two-year-old. I think I punched him in the arm, too. Serves him right, making me look like a pou-soi in front of everyone.

5. The Sixth Sense as noted above, I debated on this. But it was a REALLY good movie. I liked it a lot. And I think the scene with the bodies hanging in the doorway at the school qualifies it for horror, even though overall I'd call it suspense.

6. Dawn of the Dead 2004 Even though we already have some zombie movies on here, and even though this is a remake, I still think it was pretty good. Kudos to Zach Snyder for making an old classic modern and still interesting.

7. The Shining is another well-acted, truly terrifying movie.

8. The Exorcist is a classic that everyone should see. I personally didn't find it that terrifying, although in the unedited version, when she walks backwards down the stairs on her hands it is pretty frickin creepy.

9. Halloween. Duh. It set the standards for today's horror films, so I definitely say it deserves a spot in the top ten.

10. House of 1000 Corpses is creepy and weird and stylized and yuck, but it is a fun one to watch. Rob Zombie directed, so that gives you a faint idea if you haven't seen it.

Other notable mentions that are sweeeeeetttt but didn't make MY top ten?

*Pet Sematary- Another good Stephen King. He has a lot of good ones. Misery was pretty scary, also.

*The Happening- Pretty new, I liked it more than a lot of people who saw it that I talked to, but I felt it didn't climax that great and was also more on the suspense tip. The list has very strict rules, you know.

*Blair Witch Project- I loved it when it came out, but then there was all the hype about is it real? It's not real! They liiiiieeeeeddddd etc. so the novelty sort of wore off. Still a good movie, though.

*Strangeland- by Dee Snyder. I watched it alone when I was 16 and yeah, didn't want to get up and walk past the windows after. Kinda creepy, and you probably don't want to watch it if you are one of those parents who are freaked out by your kids going on the net. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

*Shadow of the Vampire was pretty good also. I saw this at a film festival before it got big and I was impressed.

I'm psyched now, because in my hunt for my own favorite horror flicks, I've come across a couple that are supposed to be great which I hadn't seen yet! Guess I'll have some for my viewing pleasure this week!



Vixen said...

You have a few on there I haven't seen, so thanks for sharing now I can pick one for Halloween night.

I agree about Saw. I couldn't handle the sequels.

Elizabeth Channel said...

I'm too much of a fraidy cat to watch any of these!!!

Jaden Paige said...

Yeah, I thought the Saw sequels got more into gore and had much less plot, which I'm not a fan of.

Issas Crazy World said...

I am a big wussy and I won't watch scawy movies. :)

Never got over The Sixth Sense. The only two I've seen since I saw that in the theater is The Others, which freaked me out and I am Legend, which I hid under a pillow for most of.

Aubrey said...


Scary! I love scary movies, especially around Halloween. I just saw The Strangers and it was a little freaky. My hubby thought it was dumb.LOL

Thanks for the list. Some of 'em I haven't seen yet.

Jaden Paige said...

Haha! I don't really remember The Strangers or I Am Legend, but I'm sure I saw them both. My brain does not retain movie and book plots well, unless they sucked me in like a black hole :P Thanks for all your comments, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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